Baseball Fields in Central Park, NYC

Where: North Meadow Baseball Field, Central Park
When: 4/16 @  around 5:00PM
Description of the Nanny: I Saw Your Nanny, Haitian, I think by accent. Wearing a blouse that was two colors of purple in a floral design and a navy colored long skirt, dark colored socks and natural looking, "Jesus" style sandals.
Description of the Child: White Boy of about 2. Wearing an orange L/s shirt with Adidas logo on it and blue jeans. Wearing black tennis shoes with a teal sole.
Blanket: Looked like an old style bedspread, cream colored with fringe on the side
Stroller: Dark blue. Larger wheels in the back than front. Black and chrome.
Incident: I saw enough to know this nanny shouldn't be a nanny. For one thing, they weren't at a playground, they were on the blanket. The nanny was either sitting, laying or reclining and she tried to get what seemed like a very active two year old to do the same. The boy wanted to move and she kept pulling him back on to the blanket by his shirt, and not gently. The nanny was trying to read a small sized magazine that had to deal with soap operas. The nanny told him to "sit" and to "stay" and threatened to "lock him back up in his stroller". She eventually did strap him in the stroller with a bottle and told him to go to sleep. Then the nanny laid and tried to get in to her book. The kid was fussy and even threw the bottle. The were there when I arrived at 5 and looked to have been there awhile. When the kid refused to go to sleep, the nanny let him out of the stroller again. He wanted to wander off his 5 foot square are but she kept pulling him by his shirt, even pushing him at one point to fall down. Before they left, she got out a baby wipe, cleaned his face, combed his hair and used Q tips in his nose and ears. After she cleaned his ears, he screamed blood murder holding one of his ears and really crying like he was hurt. She kept telling, "You stop this, come on now, you don't want to be a dirty boy". After she cleaned his hands with the wet wipe she wiped her legs. Then she packed up and left. Sorry, but she doesn't seem to like your kid. He deserves better!

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