"They don't want to pay me"

Hi. I started a job six months ago and on my end, everything is going well. I have rolled with the things they have thrown at me, like being late or adding in a few non nanny duties. The family went away at Christmas and I was paid my regular week. The mom told me that they are going away the first week of May and the second week of June and I should 'start putting feelers out' for some work during that time. When I looked at her confused, she said, "well we never intended to pay more than one week of vacation per year." This is not my vacation time! How do I make her understand she has a responsibility to me? I am paid off the books and by the week. I don't want to look for filler work, should I really be expected to?


Lacy said...

When that happened to me I simple told the family- that this was my job, that I need to pay my bills. That without pay during those weeks I can't promise that I would be their when they came back. Its the same as a daycare or private school, you pay for it as to save your spot. You should be paid on the books. At this point I'd look for a new family.

Djamila Vera said...
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Anonymous said...

You want to teach your boss a lesson ? Don't tell her anything ;) though look for a new job to start while they will be on holidays and when it will be time to go back to her, don't and explain her that you need the consistancy and that your bills do not have holidays and that you could just not afford to wait until they come back.She will most likely remember that when hiring a new nanny . Now the lesson for you to learn is:

-Work preferably on the book
-never start any job without a written agreement stating every single things.
- be clear from the interview that consistancy is essential for you in order to stay with them long term.

I've been there once , but I've had enough of this families taking advantage and I now work for a great boss who understands all of the points I wrote above.

Hope it helped :)

SfNanny said...

Well, this is something that has to be clarified before you start working. Of course a written contract is better but since you are being paid cash nobody wants to leave any papertrail.

And that's why you should consider being on the books. In moments like that you have back up in written form.

As of your situation right now, I guess you would have to find something on the side for those 2 weeks. With that comment your boss gave you I doubt that she will change her mind and pay you out.

Be open and share your concerns. Communication is the key for a long lasting relationship.

I think families should pay you when they going on vacation and don't need you to join. I have 2 weeks paid vacation in a year. One week chooses the family the other week choose I. Any additional travel without me I am being compensated for my full 40h/week.

So if this family travels frequently I would definitely look for a new position. Unless you feel like everything else is perfect and you can live with it.

Good luck to you!

Rebeccca said...

Big red Flag. I would take the time now to find a new job and give your two week notice when they leave for their vacation. Employers need to know that they cannot treat their employees in this manner.
Good Luck!

DoubleTroubleNanny said...

That is a HUGE red flag! I too am paid off the books and do not have a written contract. However, it was made very clear my hours, pay and vacation upon interview. I get 4 weeks paid vacation per year (2 of which I can choose myself when to take) plus paid holidays. This is a dream job compared to my last one. I was hired in the beginning of April of last year and told 2 weeks later that in 2 weeks they were going out of the country for 3 weeks..oh yes.. And that I would not be getting paid for it. I should have discussed vacation compensation with them upon interview.. But it was also their responsibility to have told me upon interview that they had such a lengthy vacation coming up in a few weeks that was obviously planned for some months. This new job I made sure to discuss those details and was pleased to see the parent's had already discussed the details amongst themselves and had answers already prepared for me. I absolutely love my job!

DoubleTroubleNanny said...

Also I agree with above.. They need to compensate you to ensure you are there when they come back. Your bills cannot be put on hold because they decide they want to go on vacation. Just like any daycare they have to pay to hold their spot and ensure you don't find alternate work while they're gone. Shame on them