Eli's on 3rd & 80th in NYC

Location: Eli's 
Description of Nanny: Puerto Rican woman, wearing jeans, black tennis shoes and a yellow fleece jacket with running/reflector strips on the shoulder.
Description of Child: White girl, about 2 years old, blonde straight shoulder length hair.
I Saw Your Nanny at Eli's this morning just after 10. She was with your daughter wearing a pink & brown plaid coat, blue jeans and a sucking on a green binkie. The nanny was picking out fruit and very rough with the little girl who had her hands help up asking the nanny to pick her up. The nanny slapped her hands away once. After the nanny grabbed some apples and fruit, she walked over to the olive area and grabbed a handful of olives, with her bare hand.  I didn't like how she treated the child. Outside, she stuffed her into tangerine canopied umbrella stroller that was being guarded by a black male of about 25. I could not get a picture inside and once outside there were too many people.

Please send your nanny sightings, good & bad to isynblog@gmail.com.


eyeswideopen said...

more people need to be aware and send in sightings. when i lived in brooklyn i feel like i saw atleast two shitty nannies per day. of course i was a nanny.

uptown sally said...

Eli's is over rated.

nycnanny said...

Not to be a jerk but how do you know she is " Puerto Rican"??