From Nanny to Housekeeper?

     I have been looking for a nanny job that is a good fit for the better part of this year. I have survived by taking babysitting gigs here and there. The reason I am writing is just as none of the jobs have appealed to me in a way that I can make a long term commitment, I found through a friend a housekeeping position that is full time and pays 950 on the books per week for the hours of 7-3.
     The nanny hours alone can be discouraging. Many of the jobs had 12 hour days, most ten hours plus. This job is appealing because I think I can have a life outside of the job.  I know I can clean a house. I cleaned for a maid service for three years of college, (in addition to babysitting).
    The only sticky point I see is that they have a nanny in place and she has been there two years. They have three children. I am told my job is housekeeping alone and that the nanny handles the children. I am responsible for clean up after their meals, their rooms, etc. Has anyone attempted this? Is there anything I need to be aware of before I make the jump? The mother and father both work out of the home full time. They seem very nice,but professional and like they know they want the house to sparkle but don't want to hear about it. I like that. As far as I am concerned, the nanny does not need to know of my degree or my history as a nanny. I am thinking that wise so she does not feel challenged? Any advice would be very appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I dont understand your concern. The job is housekeeping - you know how to do it and have experience, so why do you bring up their nanny? The nanny and the children are just bodies in the house you have to work around. The nanny knows youre the housekeeper. I think youre thinking too hard on this. Clean or don't clean - this is all you need to concentrate on.

The only other thing you need to discuss with the employers is who you take commands from. Some nannies may think they can tell you want to do or do extra for them. Make sure you get a complete list of what you are to do, what you are not to do, who you answer to and if there is extra compensation for the occasional extra chores you may be asked to do from time to time - including if you are asked to do transportation - such as helping out the nanny if she can only get one kid to a location and needs your help for another.