TJ Maxx @ Columbus Square Mall

Wednesday 3/18 @ 11:10 AM- I was at TJ Maxx at Columbus Square Mall and really upset by what I saw. If someone who knows this child responds, please give them my contact information. The child was an obviously sick white boy between 2 and 3 years old, with blonde curly hair and a very red face. He was wearing a grey puffer jacket and dark colored corduroy jeans and I believe was named Ben or Benny(?). The nanny was likely Irish, stick straight strawberry blonde hair, wide face, freckles, early twenties, about 5'5" and 140Lbs. She was wearing a black ribbed turtleneck, bright blue colored jeans and a red coat open that buttoned up with a chevron patterned scarf hanging around her neck. She was clearly shopping for herself, and for some time. The child was miserable. When he grabbed for something, she was so rough with him. She pried his hands off of things with such force. She grunted his name "Benny, no, Bennnnny...." *Could have been a nickname?? Bunny? I saw her take a plastic hangar and poke it at his chest, he was wearing a thick coat, but this did make him cry. When he cried this and other she said, "stop your crying, this is going to stop now." She made no attempt to hurry up and seemed not to really care that other shoppers noticed her child's discomfort and sickness. The poor kid must have sneezed seventy times while I was there. When I left, she was still there with him, sorting through fragrances without a care in the world. The boys cry was pretty constant and it wasn't even loud most of the time, it was the cry of a sick and uncomfortable child WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN HOME IN A WARM HOUSE! I would have taken a picture but my phone was dead!
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