Heartbroken Nanny No Longer a Bundle of Fun

I have a problem with my nanny and I don't think that it can be fixed. My nanny moved here from 600 miles a way and met a guy within two months. For almost a year, they have been 'hot and heavy' and everything has been great. On Valentine's Day, he didn't get her anything special, which led to a conversation which led to him telling her he didn't think the relationship is going anywhere. So, for the better part of a week, my nanny has beside herself with a broken heart. I tried to be supportive and I know this is hard, but if she isn't crying, then she is biting her lip to stop from crying. I know she is a good person, but at this point, I worry about the damage being done to my children. She clearly is not happy. I suggested that she talk to someone about her feelings, I even offered to send her to a reputable therapist and pay for it. I cannot continue with her pouting around the house. We hired her because she was upbeat and positive. How do I politely tell her to stop sulking and get back to the business of being the nanny I hired or I am going to have to replace her? I would say this in the gentlest of way.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put up with it either. That's why I don't hire young nannies. Too much drama. They might as well be 12 years old. This is also why I prefer a husky or masculine nanny.

Anonymous said...

You seem like a very caring family. I would sit down with her. Tell her if she doesn't speak to a professional it will mean her job. If she seems that unstable I would worry about the kids. While you are out of house. She may be crying, calling him, etc. Nor a healthy environment for kids


Jess said...

To the first anonymous.. So you would prefer a "husky" nanny because your narrow mind believes that bigger women cannot land a relationship let alone a man and therefor wouldn't experience a break up? That was as if a 12 year old wrote should he ashamed of yourself.