Sprinkles Cupcakes on Lexington in NYC

When: 2/24/2015 approx 12:15 PM
Where: Sprinkles Cupcakes on Lexington in NYC
Child: White boy with reddish/blond hair, Sweater striped with three different greens, jeans, tan and navy hiking boots on a gluten free diet. Aidan or Evan.
Nanny: Large white nanny wearing yoga pants. Yoga pants were once black, but very fades to a soft black, there was a fold down, striped waist band. The nanny had short, bobbed brown hair and looked to be in her early 20's. She had a short, faded denim jacket on too.
Tweeker: Tall ugz, fleece pants,  blue and grey NorthFace jacket, darker brown hair, stringy, very thin, looked in her 30's.
Situation: Nanny arrived with child. Nanny had an envelope clearly marked "NANNY" with money inside, so their is no question that she is the nanny and that she was using house funds for this event. Nanny ordered two cupcakes. She sat down and things seemed fine. Then about five minutes later a third person joined them. She was a little older, skinny, looked like a tweeker. I say this because she kept scratching her forearms. She asked the nanny to get her something. The nanny handed her a $20 and the tweeker went to the counter and got a cupcake and a coffee and sat back down. I noticed she didn't return the change, but that isn't the crux. The boy was obviously very verbal. He kept himself engaged with his cupcake and a tractor trailer hot-wheel car, but the nanny and her friend began having a conversation about a rape, including graphic details and while the boy did seem content where he was, he was also one foot away from their mouths. The tweeker chick had a horrible vocabulary and not the best grasp of grammar either. Then when talk of the rape was finally over the tweeker was talking about needing a place to stay and the two of them concocted a plan of how she (your nanny) was going to sneak the tweeker in in the evenings to sleep there. They went over how they would work it. This is obviously not my business, but this is a character you don't want meeting up for cupcakes with your child and you certainly don't want SNUCK IN YOUR HOME!
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Nina said...

As an employer, this happened to us once. Once, that I know of. I left my wonderful nanny home with three children while I went away for five days. I returned home and everything was fine. Thank Goodness, my nanny only associated with 'decent' people. I say decent because while she was a very good person in most respects, I don't think it is admirable to be a house guest in someone's house behind their back. I did not fire my nanny, but she did hurt what I thought was a good relationship. For the record, I would have been perfectly okay with that particular friend of my nannies staying over while I was home or away. I just prefer to be in on any decisions that affect my children and my home.

Anonymous said...

The conversation was inappropriate in a confined environement with adults around. The kid didnt need to hear this. And we wonder why our kids are setting garbage cans on fire.