Am I allowed to quit early?

     I moved from Denver to an affluent area of Connecticut about a year and a half ago.
     I interviewed for several jobs first - ideally for a position in NYC - but found a job caring for two teenagers who live with their single father. It was the perfect job as I'm great with teens and I have a passion for cooking that I could express by cooking all their meals. I also teach yoga and I would have the flexibility to teach while the kids were at school. The father asked my to agree to stay with them for two years and I agreed. The microcosm within their home was wonderful. I love the kids, I feel respected and I do my job well. Although the first winter I was there I fell into a deep depression. I am a free-spirited hippy-dippy kind of girl trapped in a mansion with very uppity, older population. If I had known that the area was like that when I was offered the job I would have kept looking in NYC. It took a long time to make friends. I felt incredibly isolated and I reached a point about six months in where I almost had to go. It felt unbearable for me socially and mentally I was suffering.      Right around that time of nearly breaking down I traveled to Costa Rica and met an American man who lives there. To make a long story short we have maintained a long distance relationship for the last 8 months and we are ready to start a life together. I have stuck it out this long because I am paying off my student loans. I just got offered a position in CR that I cannot say no to. Professionally it is in alignment of what I want to do long term. The job begins 3 months short of my two year agreement. I already told my employer that I intend to move this year. I told him right away of my intentions And we agreed that I stay through the summer. With this position I would need to leave in the beginning of summer.
      My employer is a little challenging for me. He is all business and no emotion. He doesn't place himself in my shoes and try to understand the situation I'm in and really doesn't know anything about me. It's strange given that I have lived in his home for a year and a half. I'm worried about sharing the news. The kids are really attached to me. I care so much about the kids and I hate to disappoint but I need to leave earlier. There is a part of me that worries-- what if he doesn't let me go early?? Is this possible? I need to leave in 3.5 months. It took him a month to hire me after my first interview. Should I give him notice now? -KJ
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Anonymous said...

News flash!! He cannot force you to stay. Now put on your big girl pants and give notice.