Angry nanny at Grand Central Train Show

I just had to write and share what I saw. I do not have a picture, however, this child was wearing a red knit hap that was ornate and decorated as a fire hydrant and he was wearing a red pea coat. The child was African American, and about 2 years old.  He was wearing black gloves. I had noticed this child and nanny while indoors at the Train Show. I thought she must be his mom, she was agitated. She was texting, he knocked her phone out of his hand, she said, "that is the last time" putting her finger in his face, literally  1/2 inch from his nose. The kid was captivated by the trains and just wanted her to "look", "see", etc. She was distant and annoyed. The best she did was nod "uhhum". At one point he got out of her sight and I noticed. She kept texting. When he didn't see her, he looked worried, but walked around the area to the other side of this display and said, "Berry, there you are". That is what I think he said, "Berry." I saw "Berry" outside of the terminal when I was leaving FInancier Patisserie. He was crying and she was literally dragging him by the back of his coat. His feet were off the ground at some point. Yes, this could be a mom, but he did not call her Mom.  She had a Caribbean accent and natural black, short hair. She was wearing jeans tucked in to very tall brown boots with an oversized buckle and a grey wooly looking knee length coat. If this is your nanny or babysitter, I would NOT let my child alone with someone this angry and impatient!  This was between 10:30-11:30 on 2/11.
Grand Central Terminal New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex and Store, New York NY Shuttle Passage


Vanessa said...

That's really awful. On another note, my kiddos love trains and I didn't even know this existed!

tamtam said...

This is so wrong. How hard is it to take care of one kid! I am a nanny to three under 5!!!