11-year-old suspected of beating 2-month-old while babysitter slept

WICKLIFFE, Ohio - Police said an 11-year-old child beat a two-month-old to death while the babysitter was sleeping. The child, Zuri Whitehead, died with extensive internal injuriesat the hospital after paramedics were called to the home.  Wickliffe Police Chief Randy Ice said that the 11-year-old's mother was the baby's babysitter. The three of them were lying together on the couch when the mother fell asleep. Police believe the 11-year-old took Zuri to a different part of the home and beat her.  Later, the 11-year-old brought the baby, who was bleeding, back to her mother and woke her up, telling her something was wrong with her. (Read More)

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Bar Bados said...

Everything about this is wrong! Why are they all sleeping together on the sofa? The mother and her 11 year old psychopath child need to be done away with.