Another Nanny Caught on Tape

Two parents in Waukesha claim they caught their nanny abusing their infant twins on a private camera.The parents told investigators they noticed bruises and scratches on the babies and wanted to learn what was going on.
      Court documents state the video captured Oumarou striking the couple's infant son hard enough to knock him over. The complaint also states she picked the child up by the arm and him in the head with a shoe. Oumarou told police that she struck both children because "the boy picks on the girl."          
Yes, that's right, the nine month old boy was picking on his twin. So, they set up a video camera and leave the children alone with the person they suspect is absusing their child and authorities are heralding them? Are you kidding me? Read more about the loathsome parents and crappy nanny here. ISYN advises: if you suspect your child is being abused, remove your child from the situation immediately! -J'NeiNei

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