Any great nannies looking to relocate? PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY WITH COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS. WE KINDLY ASK THAT YOU DON'T COMMENT ON THE STATUS. Great family! BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN NEEDING A NANNY! 3 active girls ages 4, 3 and 2 Full time. MUST DRIVE AND SWIM! Nanny MUST live in Wed-Sun or Thurs-Mon (5 days) Family will provide a car and a phone. If the nanny doesn't live in Michigan the family is happy to have her relocate! They have a goldendoodle, sweet dog! Nanny must be trustworthy, have a completely clean background check and have at least 2 years of paid experience. $700 to $800 per week, about 55 hours. Raises will be given annually and you will have lots of opportunity to work overtime for extra $$$. Kids are healthy, energetic and sweet. You will have your own bedroom and bathroom. Family requires the nanny to be mature and responsible, please don't bring your own friends to their home. They will pay overtime if the family travels with the nanny. Family is so warm and loving! Email us directly if you are interested! We kindly ask that you don't comment on the status. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE TERMS smile emoticon Must work 5 days a week including the weekend, must live in and must drive and swim. This is a wonderful and loving family!

We have a GREAT summer nanny job in Southampton for 2 kids ages 4 and 8. You can live in OR out. Your choice, but you need to drive, swim and have references whom we can call. An energetic nanny with a sweet demeanor is desired. Ideally the nanny would work Sunday to Thursday about 40 hours per week. $20 per hour take home. All nannies must have references whom we can call, be fluent in English and pass a background check in 50 states! Please email us directly. We kindly ask that you don't comment on the status.
Please email us directly, we kindly ask that you don't comment on the status: WE NEED AN AMAZING HOUSEKEEPER who is skilled, honest, thorough and knows how to use different cleaners and is careful with delicate surfaces who has years of experience to work Mon, Wed and Fri on the UES. Starts this month! $20 take home per hour. 8 to 9 hours each time you go. Must be able to clean wood furniture properly and do deep cleaning, laundry and ironing. You must be flexible with your hours. Sometimes you will work 10 am to 6 pm and other days you will work 11:30 am to 8 pm etc. Light cooking on occasion is expected so please know your way around the kitchen. 7+ years of experience is expected with excellent references whom we can call. The family is sooooooo nice! The housekeeper that they currently have spilled window cleaner on their carpet and tries to clean wood furniture with bleach and water. She has ruined multiple clothing items in the home as well Clearly, they need someone new who knows what she is doing! Please send top notch referalls to The days, hours and salary are not negotiable. Must be flexible as noted. Must have a clean background check in all states and have cleaning references for us to call. PLEASE email us directly. We kindly ask that you don't comment on the status. ‪#‎housekeeper‬ ‪#‎nyc‬ ‪#‎uppereastside‬ ‪#‎housecleaning‬ ‪#‎homecleaning‬

IF YOU MEET ALL OF THE QUALIFICATIONS, please email and use ISAWYOURNANNY in the Subject Line. Abigail Madison is the only nanny agency we can recommend to employers and nannies.

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