Golnar Tabibzadeh
     I worked as a preschool teacher in a daycare and a summer camp for ten years. I took my first FT nanny job and am confused. Is this normal or do I work for a bitch? I am used to reporting a bit on the day.

     I tell the mom as I am leaving, "X met a new friend at the playground."
Her response, "hooray for hollywood."

     I ask the mom if I could buy things to make blueberry smoothies because Y really likes blueberries and hasn't been eating a good breakfast.
Her response, "It's almost like rocket science, right?"

     I tell the mom, "We ended up going to the new playground down by ABC this afternoon."
Her response, "What's next, the olympics?"

     I remind the Mom that she didn't pay me for 4 hours of babysitting last week.
Her response, "Don't worry, it's not going to break me."

     These are a few of many examples. I am questioning if I even have what it takes. She seems so nice in the interview. I don't want to tell her anything because her answers are always rude. If this is sarcasm, it is lost on me and makes me feel humiliation. Is this my new life?


Anonymous said...

I nannied for a family for just over two years. Twin girls who just turned 2 years. The second to last day I was there... MB had come home. She had been very stressed due to her hours being cut at work (she was laid off). I reminded her that my husband was having surgery. (I told her 3 weeks prior). She said to me "you must have found another job- you have taken a lot of time off" Mind you-I worked two years with 2 days sick. Both girls had a bad flu bug that of course that I got. Anywho she also called me bit!$. Next day- I spent time with each of the girls giving special love, hugs and my good-byes. MB came home and I took sits out of my car. I never went back. Now- who's s the b!$ch!!

this_nick said...

I don't feel like this is a real question, since there's no way you expect us all to come back saying "oh she's not bad." She's a mean little shit, you know this, and want some validation from others I guess to bolster what you already know, I can only imagine to justify quitting. You don't need others to confirm what you know, and you need no justification for removing yourself from this toxic environment. Trust your gut!

Nyc nanny said...

It is really important to remember when you are interviewing that all kids are nice at heart, it's parents you need to get a feel for. You will be in the adults most private moments. If they are a nice person publicly and a nasty person privately they will let you see that. You should work for someone you respect who respects you. It may take longer to find that job but the job itself will always last longer.

Nan said...

She's obviously rude, snarky and obnoxious! The real question is what will you do about it? Will you quit or ignore it!?!? I vote quit since nannying is stressful enough without the rudeness