Nanny Pay Across America-Preview

I get $325 / week.
 I work 38 hours usually, and get overtime (time and a half) for working anything over 40 hours.
I am handed a check every Friday morning.
Most nannies would consider me "off the books;" however, I pay my own taxes.
I get $0.35 per mile I drive for activities relating to the children and $10 every other other week for "supplies." I have six years of nanny experience, two years of daycare experience, and have served my current family two years.

Clifton NJ
I work 2 part time jobs job
1) drive a 4 and 6 year old to school (get them ready etc)
2nd job walk a dog throw in a load of laundry occasional food shopping and then come back and pick up twin 14 year old girls and drive them to the YMCA
Today's pay:
family 1) salary 100 a week (25 for gas)= 125 a week for the hours 7-830 Mon-Fri
family 2) 225 (25 for gas) =250 a week a week for a half an hour each day (430-5)
Pay period:
Every Friday Method of payment: cash check other:
family 1 cash
family 2 whatever is easier mostly cash
Taxes on the books or off: off
Disposition of payment:
family 1) handed to me
family 2) on kitchen table
Adjustments to pay:
family 1) anything over the agreed upon hours 10 an hour
2nd family) i go out of my way because they pay me 50 dollars for like 15-45 mins of work.

This series will officially start tomorrow, Friday, April 26 and recur each Friday. Please send your information to


Txnanny02 said...

$8.50 an hour? Yikes, that may be good for your area but in texas we start around $14hr. I couldn't survive!

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

It's nice to see that someone is switching things up on this blog and offering us a refreshing approach.

After the mos. where MPP was off and no one was updating on here, a lot of people got lost.
Hopefully w/these new features, etc. we can have a lot more traffic on here.

It may take time, but this blog is very relevant and offers great insight, education, advice and fun!

medina said...

Things look great. These salaries are both low.

Kara said...

Yes, I agree the salaries are low. I live in Texas, make $530 a week, one child, 8-5, M-F.

Mandy98824 said...

Hi I am the Clifton nanny =)
I understand its low but I get salaried at 125 for 5-7 hours of work a week.
My 2nd position is maybe 5-7 hours a week and I am salaried at 250. I agree its low but for making 375 for less then 20 hours a week is pretty good I think

Mandy98824 said...

sorry ment less then 15 hours a week