Childcare Mon-Fri
Hello there. My name is Jasmine I am going to school from 10-2 and I need a Babysitter to come into my home. It is not a for sure thing, but my sister might be leaving her 2 kids here as well so some days you might only have my daughter 10 months and other days you will have all 3 including a 3 year old and a 1 year old.
No allergies and in the Edgebrook area.
- You will need to bring me references.
- atleast 1 year experience with multiple children.
- must also do Some housekeeping. Usuallu includes the kitchen *washing dishes *scrubbing stove *sweeping and moping I live in a one bedroom apartment so the kitchen is very small.
A copy of your ID and SSN card.
 I will need your license plate # and VIN #
Your phone number and your street address with a bill in your name.
This is all precaution. This information will NEVER leave my person. This is just incase something happens to my daughter and nephews.
I will need you here by 9:30am. I will be here by 2:30pm. I will also need you to stay an extra hour or 2 so we can go to the gym I will provide all food and snacks for the kids. I will pay you on an hourly basis depending on how many kids you had on a certain day. I would also like for you to be available on the weekends not every weekend but maybe 2 out of the month. This would only include my daughter, who will be asleep most of the time. That will also be on an hourly basis.
Please email me your resume.

If you would like to share your bizarre finds with us from Craigs List, Sitter City, Care.Com or any other source, please email  Please include the link and/or a screenshot. Craigs List WTF will return in full this Sunday.


Dr. Juris said...

SSN? VIN? This sounds like identity theft WAITING TO HAPPEN.

*Applicants should also be prepared to give a vial of blood upon hiring.* ;)

SlimShady said...

Jasmine doesn't need a babysitter, she needs to find her baby's daddy so she can stop trying to scheme on people. I sincerely hope no one answers this ad.

Nanny S said...

It is so irritating when people who have no idea what the hell they're doing try to hire a nanny. "I need! I need! I need!!!" Wow I'd love to work for you, you sound exactly like someone I'd trust with my SSN as well...

MissDeeGraduates said...

Dr. Juris: Are you sure you aren't a mind reader? I was thinking the same thing about the identity theft.

Nanny S: Percisely why I sent this ad in. The nanny voice in me chanted "wtf? wtf? wtf?" over and over again.

Maybe we should send our library and video rental history, along with vet records for our pets to prove we are responsible. I have never in all my years had a family ask for such personal information. Agencies have asked for driver's liscense, SS, and plate number as part of an application. Never had a family ask for it, and frankly if I was asked to hand over information like that, I would be walking out the door.

luvbug said...

Con artist or stupid...probably both.

NannyTastic said...

I have never and would never provide a SSN. I have an EIN, if parents need it. I find it interesting that this person doesn't mention pay. She probably doesn't want to pay much. Furthermore, these chores are not appropriate for a full time nanny let alone a nanny working five hours a a day.