Day In The Life

7:30- Show up to work, clock in, and get both girls (15 mos and 4) up and dressed.
7:45- Get 15mo and 4yo set up at the table for breakfast. Rush them a little because as usual we are running late
8:00- Send 4yo to the bathroom to wash her face and brush teeth before school, run back there and quickly to her hair which is usually a pony tail or braid of some sort depending on how much of a rush we are in!
8:15- Load both girls into the car with diaper bag, and 4yo's backpack and snack bag.
8:30- Drop 4yo off at preschool and on the way home stop at the park so 15mo can play.
9:30- Return home and put 15mo down for a morning nap.
Clean up around the house while 15mo naps. Take care of breakfast dishes, make 4yo's bed, run any laundry that may need done, pick up playroom from the night before, start preparing lunches and put in the fridge so they are ready to go.
10:30- 15mo wakes up from nap, bring her out to the table for snack. Then we play around the house until it's time to go pick up 4yo old from preschool.
11:15- Load up in the car then leave to go pick up 4yo from preschool.
11:30- 4yo in the car and we are all headed home for lunch.
12:00- Lunch time. After lunch we usually stay at the table for a quiet activity: craft, coloring, reading, etc. After that, we'll play around the house until nap time
1:00- While 4yo plays in the playroom take 15mo back to her room and put her down for a nap. Turn on humidifier and sound machine. Close shutters and blackout curtains, turn on monitor, change diaper then lay her down for her nap. Give hugs and kisses then turn of the light and shut the door behind me.
1:15- Tell 4yo it's time to go take a nap. She argues and tells me she isn't tired but I say if she doesn't want to sleep she doesn't have to but I'd really like her to have some quiet and alone time in her room. Remind her to go potty, then help her get into bed. We read a couple books together and then I turn on her sound machine, close the shutters and blackout curtains. She asks me to sing her favorite song and she sings along. Tuck in all of her stuffed animals "just right" then turn off the lights and shut the door behind me.
While both girls are napping I clean around the house: lunch time dishes, finish up laundry, pick up playroom and wipe down kitchen table, counters, sinks. Sit down for my lunch and read or watch TV with my remaining down time.
3:30- 15mo wakes up from her nap, I go in and get her and change her diaper. I ask if she wants to try sitting on the potty to go peepee and she tells me no. We play in the playroom until 4yo wakes up from her nap.
4:00- 4yo wakes up from nap and 15mo and I go in and greet her. We tell her how much we missed her while she was sleeping and then we ask about her dreams. She gets up and goes potty then we all wash hands and go sit at the table for snack time.
4:15- Snack Time
4:30- Both girls want to go play outside so we decide to walk to the park again before dinner time.
5:30- Walk back home and watch the girls playing in the backyard while I prepare dinner.
6:00- Girls sit down at the table for dinner time.
6:45- Bath time, after bath we put pajamas on, brush teeth and hair, then have down time until bedtime. We like to read books together, or play with dolls. If it's been a really long day we'll sit down and watch a movie together. Sometimes we'll color or play with our blocks/legos.
7:15- MB or DB come home from work and the girls go to bed shortly after. Usually around 7:45-8.


Siriusly_James said...

You sound like a thoughtful and loving nanny :) Although with a very long day!

The girls sound cute and well-behaved, and that must be because of you, because really, their parents see them for 30-45 minutes a day?? That's crazy...

nenanny said...

Sounds like a lovely day, OP!

I try not to judge parents for the time the daytime hours they spend with their kids.

MissMannah said...

Why don't you start work 15 minutes earlier or have the parents wake the kids up before you get there? That would help the morning rush a bit.

Ms.Judy said...

Sounds like my 1st nanny job. Loved it but the hours were brutal 7am-7pm.
Seems like you're doing a great job and are happy to be there. They're lucky to have you :) Hope you don't get burned out.

NewNanny said...

It sounds like you have a very rewarding job and that you are very good at it! Congrats!
I have some childcare experience (mostly daycare/preschool), but am going to be starting a nanny position soon (yay!). I am curious about one thing in your post. You say that you leave 4yo in playroom while putting 15mo down for nap. I can't imagine that 4yo would be alone for long, but is it ok to leave her unattended? I promise I'm not nagging; I am honestly curious. Thank you!

OP said...

It is okay to leave her unattended, it's been cleared with both parents. She is in the playroom, which is directly across the hall from 15mo's room. I think 4.5 is old enough for a little freedom and independent play is never a bad thing.

NewNanny said...

Thank you, OP! Like I said, I'm used to the whole daycare setup which is very different. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can. Again, thank you! :)
Does anyone have an opinion as to what age it is ok to leave a child unattended for a short period of time or does it depend on the child? Again, just curious(used to caring for babies 14mo or younger). Thanks!

NewNanny said...

Also, stupid question: what do "MB" and "DB" stand for? I get that it's Mom & Dad, but what's up with the 'B'? Sorry for my annoying questions. Please be patient with me.

nannymegan said...

New Nanny, it stands for Mom Boss and Dad Boss

NewNanny said...

Thank you nannymegan!

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