I'm looking for a single (no couples) live in sitter to look after my 2 sons while im @ work. You must be energetic, responsible, dependable, reliable and caring. They are ages 6 and 7 yrs old. My sons are well behaved. your main responsibilites would make sure they gets to and from school safely and prepare meals for them. I live on the southside of chicago in the lawndale area. I prefer someone who doesn't have kids becuz I need you to mainly focus on my 2 sons.. If you take any medication or uses drugs please don't respond!! If you have any physical or mental disabilities please don't respond.. Im lookin for someone who is in physical and mental shape. I don't have any pets. This is a clean safe enviornment.. If you could commit to this ad please call Tony @ 773 540-3068.. SERIOUS APPLYS ONLY!!! THANKS


♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Call clueless but what is so WTF about this ad??

Perhaps the statement that those who take medication should not apply?

nenanny said...

I'm assuming the wtf comes from the spelling and grammar errors, lack of monetary compensation, lack of clearly defined duties, the assumption that nannies/babysitters are on drugs, and as you mentioned the discrimination against those using medication.

BKmommy said...

I'm assuming this is an unpaid position?

OverwhelmedWithSchoolMissDee said...

I sent this in, because:

A. Lawndale is a high crime area. I wouldn't even consider working out that way in the city.

B. I take allergy meds. Does that mean I can't apply because I take meds to control my allergies? If I was taking a prescription for ezcema, or something from a dermatologist, I couldn't apply? What if I had to take medicine ongoing for a short term? Could I not apply? I have asthma, epilepsy (controlled without meds) and ADHD. Can I not apply because I have those conditions?

C. "'If you have any physical or mental disbilities, please don't respond'". My, aren't you ignorant. Those with disabilities can care for children as a nanny, just like anyone else can. Get your head out of your butt.

D. "'Must be in physical and mental shape'". I understand this, yet, something about the way it's written gets me the wrong way. I wonder if he is looking for something more than a nanny?

E. He posts the same ad everyday. I wonder why? hahahaha


Siriusly_James said...

You know, I used to think only stupid people would think that room and board is enough compensation for a full-time nanny, but then this last weekend, my cousin's husband (and the father of a 2-y-o) said to me, "so, you watch the kids, and in exchange for that, you get to live and eat there?"
Me: "Yes. And, you know, I get my pay as well."
Him: "You get paid?? Oh, okay!"
Yeah, I think it's pretty okay too... :S

nenanny said...

He posts the same add everyday!

Hmm that's a bit suspicious.

MissMannah said...

Miss Dee, there are a lot of ignorant people in this world. That's why many disabled people have to hide it (if they can). Otherwise they'd never get jobs. EOE means nothing to many employers.

I figured the nanny work in exchange for rent was enough for a WTF.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...


Thank you for laying everything out thus making this ad a WTF??

Some people {like me} can be kinda clueless. LOL.