Day In The Life

7:00 Get to work and start getting first bottle ready.
7:15 Go get V who is just waking up for the day.
7:20 MB comes and gives hugs and kisses to V and leaves for the day.
7:30 Sit down in rocking chair with V and rock/cuddle him while he takes his first bottle
7:40 Change V's diaper and get him dressed for the day.
8:00 Put V is high chair and prepare breakfast (mashed banana and oatmeal is on the menu today).
8:30 Diaper change again, then play time: tummy time, reading books, finger plays, walking around the house or backyard, etc.
9:15 Morning Nap
11:00 V wakes up from his nap, diaper change then go eat lunch (pureed steamed kale and spinach, pureed peaches, and some brown rice puree)
11:30 Go for a walk around the neighborhood
12:15 Prepare bottle then sit down in the rocking chair to rock/cuddle with V while he takes his second bottle
12:30 Play time
1:30 Change diaper then put V down for his second nap.
3:30 V wakes up from his afternoon nap and we sit in the rocking chair for another bottle.
4:00 DB returns home from work and I leave to go home.

V is a 6 month old little boy who is such a fun guy to be around. He is so easy and is such a little love-muffin!

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E said...

do you prepare all the food, or do the parents have it prepared for you to give it to him? (if it is jarred food than totally ignore my question! :) )