Day In the Life of a Happy Nanny

A normal morning for me begins at 4:30
Am when I wake up to begin getting ready. Around 5:30 i make my iced coffee and 
head out the door..I am a live out, so I drive 35 minutes to work. I arrive 
around 6:15, 15 minutes before my scheduled time so I can take my shoes and coat 
off and help out if needed. At 6:30 I wake up little miss M. M and I go off to 
the bathroom to change her clothes and diaper. While we change, we like to make 
growling noises at each other, which M thinks this is hilarious. After that we 
go down stairs so M can have her morning milk and I can chit chat with MB and 
DB. 7am DB and MB head off to work, around this time M's little brother K wakes 
up... Once we hear him wake we take M and her beloved baby kitty up stairs to
Get K ready for our day. After k is all dressed and has had his diaper changed 
we feed him his bottle and then get M some yogurt for breakfast. The next few 
hours are filled with music, finger painting and play dough. We leave the house 
everyday at 10 to an activity of our choosing, some days an indoor play park, 
some days a museum and some days we go to the mall to see the puppy's at the pet 
store and get a cupcake for M as a special treat. Usually around noon it's time 
for us to head home. Arriving home M is always fast asleep, and sometimes so is 
K so I quietly place both of them in their cribs for naps. K usually wakes up 
shortly after, so he has a bottle and snuggles until its time for another nap or 
tummy time. Around 3:30 M wakes up, ready for a diaper change and some cuddle 
time (waking up is hard when your 2)... After that we try to make it outside for 
some fresh air or M and I play 'chase me!' Inside For at least an hour until 
she's worn out. Around 4:30, depending on what time MB and DB will be home we 
either do baths or relax with M plays learning games on my iPhone and K plays on 
the floor. Once MB or DB come home, we chit chat about the day and then I'm on 
my way home... This is my first actual nanny position and i can honestly I have 
never been so in love with a job in my life. My employers and charges are 
wonderful and I'm so lucky to have found such a good fit. 


nenanny said...

Sounds like you have a fun and busy day. Glad you have a good fit, but my goodness you get started early!

Siriusly_James said...

Oh my God, what an early start you have! My earliest position started at 7.30.
I love reading DITL-posts, and from the way this is written, it seems your time flies when you're at work. I'm so happy you found the perfect fit for you :)

Nay The Nanny said...

Haha me too Anonymous Siriusly_James!!! I start at 8 now and even getting up at 6:30 is tough for me. But yes, agreed, very nice to hear how much you love your job OP. :) There are some happy, lucky nannies out there (myself included!)

bethanytx said...

630 am sounds rough to me! I'm not a morning person and since MB works from home she has me come in at 9 or 10 so she can spend time with her boys.

MissMannah said...

I used to have a summer position that was 6:30-6:00. It was brutal and I often found myself napping while my charge was! I value my sleep too much now to take such an early job. Kudos to you, OP, little M and K sound like a lot of fun!