Day In the Life of a Twin Nanny

Nanny to 8 month old fraternal twin boys.

9:57am Come in the side door and hear MB playing with Blue. I say hi and start making breakfast. Bubba wakes up (from first nap of the day) while I'm working and MB gets him up.

10:15 am. MB goes to work in her office and I get to feeding the boys. A little bit of formula to start and homemade (by MB) baby food (mixed veggies) and Blue finishes his formula while Bubba just sqawks at me to change him. Boys get diaper changes, and change from jammies to clothes. It's getting warm in TX so we go with just onesies.

10:40 am Play time. I put them on their bellies with their favorite contraband a few feet in front of them, SHOES. No crawling, Bubba's angry that he's not sitting up and Blue just spins in circles.

11:25 am Boys start whining and musical puppy helps stretch them a few more minutes but its diaper change and nap time! They sleep while I have lunch with MB, clean up a bit and pack for our afternoon outing.

12:50 pm. Blue starts whining and I get him up and play until Bubba starts jabbering to himself. I change diapers and pack them into their bucket seats (which they barely fit into), lock the door and strap them into my car. We're packed to the brim. Both boys in the back seat, the giant double stroller in my trunk and the diaper bag, my purse and misc stuff in the passenger seat.

1:20pm Circling the mall parking lot for a spot and both boys are screaming. I'm singing wheels on the bus but they're hot and bothered and its spring break and the lot is packed. Get out my giant stroller and take the boys out of their seats. Blue is much happier sitting up with his toy but Bubba whines until I pop the paci in his mouth and off we go!

1:55pm After getting multiple stares and comments regarding "OMG ARE THEY TWINS?" We settle in the food court and I start making bottles. Bubba eats half before he pushes it away. I know he wants real food but Blue is still sucking and I only have two hands. I talk to him and promise I'll get out the (organic pouch) food as soon as brother's done with his bottle. Bubba is soon satisfied with the apple, peaches and oatmeal pouch. Head to the bathroom to change diapers and I sing while taking turns changing diapers. I get stares the WHOLE TIME.

3:00pm. We walked the mall a while and popped in to say hi to a friend of mine who works there. We stroll back to the car with more comments about ZOMG TWINS and I crank the AC. Its only 81 but my dark colored car has gotten hot and so have their seats. I kneel and talk to them for a few minutes while the car cools down. Finally the time comes and Bubba squawks from the time I put him into his seat until we start moving. Blue doesn't have a care in the world and just gnaws on his elephant. I talk to them the whole ride home to keep them from falling asleep, and its only 15 minutes.

3:15pm We arrive home and I change diapers again, play time doesn't last long before they're ready for their power nap. Blue screams bloody murder when I lay him down, but I rub his belly and say good night. Less than two minutes later he's out like a light. I clean out and repack the diaper bag, update MB on our day and fold some baby laundry.

4:00pm Blue is up first as usual and I stick him in the jumper while I make dinner. Formula, whole grain cereal, pureed carrots and broccoli. I have to coax Bubba awake 15 minutes later and he's immediately ready to eat. They eat and get food EVERYWHERE. They're happy and smack the spoons out of my hands several times. When they're done clothes come off and diapers get changed. We hang out in just diapers while we play. I sneak my finger in mouths during a laugh and discover a bottom tooth has poked through on both boys.

5:15pm Bath Time! MB comes out, changes her clothes and starts running a bath. I carry both boys into the bathroom and we bathe them together. They recently graduated from the sling chairs and they LOVE sitting up in the bath, makes splashing so much easier. Lotioned, diapered and jammied! 

5:40pm I bring both boys into the den and sit them on the quilt with toys to watch classical baby. Bubba gnaws on a lion while Blue squeals until I stand him up and help him balance. I swear these boys are going to walk before they crawl...

5:58pm MB comes in to sit with them and I say goodbye.

Day in the Life of a Twin Nanny


Siriusly_James said...

From a nanny of ten-month-old twin boys:

Thank you, I knew I was not alone :)
This was a very nice read as I recognised many things from my own workday. I was surprised to see how many things have changed in just two months! "My" boys were like yours when they were eight months, and now I'm thinking "she can SIT DOWN at play time?? Not run around like a maniac trying to keep one from falling down stairs and another from eating the wires??"

And only two hands? Twin jobs should come with an extra set of hands and, judging by "my" crawlers - an extra set of legs and eyes :)

I have never wanted to miss a moment when nannying singles, but nannying twins - there's no chance of missing a moment, I'm usually having two moments at once :)

Thank you for a delightful DITL :)

nenanny said...

Enjoyed reading this. I love all my babies, but there is something special about the twin jobs. it's beyond busy and at times pure madness but I love it and miss it.

bethanytx said...

OP here.

I wrote this 10 days ago and now they're both crawling and Blue even pulls up!! I rarely sit during play time now, Blue even pulled a plant down on himself yesterday. Luckily I was right next to him and caught it!

MissMannah said...

I love the nicknames you gave the babies--so cute!

You sound like a great nanny and like you have a lot of fun with the boys. I don't think I could handle twins, my one infant charge kept me on my toes enough.

Kara said...

God bless you :)

Bunny said...

I've been watching two babies, one 6 and one 7 months old. The one time the weather was nice and I brought them to the park I was constantly getting people asking if they were twins. It was kind of hard to explain that they were not related to each other or me, so I finally just gave in and said yes after a while. But the one screamed most the time and I couldn't imagine doing it on a regular basis. Why did you bring them to the mall? I don't get the up side. Is that a regular thing, to take them out? Why did you wake the one up to feed them? I tried to keep their schedules staggered, so when one was sleeping I could take care of the awake one. Not criticizing, just curious.

bethanytx said...

I took them to the mall to get out. That particular day I knew the parks would be crowded and MB didnt have an errand for us to run (sometime we go return something or pick up one item at Target) They like the variety.

because they are twins they need to be on the same schedule for their parents (and my) sanity. Unless they're sick they're always within 15 minutes of each other schedule wise. It gives me time to clean up, do their laundry and eat while they nap simultaneously.

This is my 3rd job with twinfants and it really is easier to keep them on the same schedule. I spoon feed one bite to Blue, one to bubba, one to blue... They can hold their own bottles now but I used to hold two with one hand. I change them one at a time (obviously) and I have no problem carrying both boys at the same time. Two screaming babies is no problem (although a bit hard on the ears).

They're moving in May and I'm going to miss them!

Bunny said...

I couldn't handle watching both at the same time because the one baby was such an handful. She wouldn't let me put her down, would scream if I was out of her site, and it was really hard to put her down after she fell asleep on me. The other baby, who was more easy going, wasn't getting enough attention. I really hated it when they were both crying, it made my blood pressure go through the roof. So, I'm just watching the one now.

I couldn't imagine going on an errand with two babies. I also didn't do any chores like laundry or dishes when I had both. I would have had time for that if they slept at the same time, but having both awake is really hard. I couldn't hold or feed both at the same time. The swing was a life saver, but they were only one so they had to take turns. If I let them play next to each other the one would crawl over to and scratch the other or knock her over so I had to hold one at all times. The one was an only child so she couldn't handle not having my 100% attention.

Siriusly_James said...

I'm at my second twinfants job now, and it is tough, even though I think my boys are easy. When I started, they were six months old, and oh my dear God, did I train and train and train with V to teach him that he does NOT need to be in the arms at all times. D needs attention too!
Result of all my training? TWO boys who are constantly crawling all over me! :D
Oh dear, I love my job...

MissMannah said...

Bunny, I feel like you're reading my mind! When C was 4 months old, for a couple of weeks I had her and MB's friend's daughter, who was only 2 months old. The two of them ran me ragged! Neither one of them was on a schedule yet and L screamed all day because she was used to being breastfed. After that I said I hope I never have twins!

nenanny said...

Lol! I hope I have twins someday. I seriously love it. It is very difficult especially in the beginning. It gets a bit "easier" once a routine is in place, but it is always busy.

I love having two babies crawling all over me.

I do think twins are easier than 2 babies from different homes. I find with twins the parents easily stick to routines at the weekends which isn't the case with two babies from separate homes.