Bad Nanny Sighting at Cooper Laundromat

Tuesday, April 2,at the Laundromat on 1st Avenue between 21st and 22nd Street.

I Saw Your Nanny at Cooper Laundromat
The child, possibly 4 years old, had long darkish blonde hair, wore magenta leggings, black tennis shoes with pink bottoms and wore a braided purple bracelet with a medallion on it. she was in the laundromat with two women, one with a caribbean lilt to her voice, the other woman was shorter with a brown jacket and brown hat. the child was made to "sit still" on the bench at the laundromat, which seems a lot to ask of a child that age stuck at a laundromat. when she got off the bench, though she did not stray from the area, the shorter woman with the brown jacket yanked on her arm very hard. the child began to cry, telling the woman that she had hurt her. she cried for about 15 minutes. judging from the interactions with this woman, the child did not like her a lot and turned to the other woman who was rather silent about this behavior. somebody noticed the arm grabber's behavior and was obviously upset by it, which in turn caused the woman to verbalize about nosy people who do not know what is going on and what the real situation was. as i had witnessed the "real" situation, her behavior and comments suggested she is an impatient, angry, and rather disturbed individual. the other woman tried to ameliorate the situation by explaining to the child that discipline was necessary because you didn't want to do something bad. it was painful to listen to the rants of the shorter woman and see that the child was not comfortable with her at all. it was also painful to listen to the other woman who was clearly sympathetic to the child try to "explain and justify" the behavior-it was inappropriate and wrong. her crying was distressful, she wanted her mommy. yanking on her arm was extreme and clearly unnecessary but the child's response suggests that this was not a first.
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♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

What state and town/city was this at?


Anonymous said...

A 4 year old should certainly be expected to sit still. That is not an absurd expectation. Sometimes people really should mind their own business instead of judging.

nenanny said...

I was about to roll my eyes at this with the sitting thing.
But I kept reading.
The apparent arm jerking is worrisome

RBTC said...

thank you OP for watching carefully in areas you are in, be on the look out for this again and try to get more info and maybe a picture

it's always a struggle for those who need to bring their kids to the laundromat, post office, etc because kids want to be kids and play not sit still like a bimp on a log

Anonymous said...

So apparently preventing a child from running outside into the streets is now considered abuse?!? Eye roll*