10 Lessons Parents Learn from Nannies

10 Lessons Parents Learn from Nannies
Nannies not only teach the children in their care, they often teach the parents too. Since many nannies have several more years of childcare experience than their employers, parents often welcome to the opportunity to learn childcare tips and techniques from their nannies.
Some of the lessons parents commonly learn from their nannies include:
  1. Structure is Everything – A consistent schedule is very important to children, as it provides a sense of safety and security. Nannies know that having a reliable routine can help prevent many common behavioral issues.
  2. The Best Laid Plans Can Fall Apart – Though a structured routine is imperative, plans can quickly change when there are children involved. Nannies often teach parents to go with the flow, instead of struggling to maintain a schedule that has fallen apart.
  3. Never Be Swayed By a Tantrum – When a child starts to scream, it can be tempting to give in to their demands to stop a tantrum in its tracks. While it might be effective in the short term, children will quickly learn that this behavior is effective, and it’ll make the habit even harder to break.
  4. Yelling is Counter-Productive – Good nannies seem to be able to handle any crisis without ever raising their voice. Seasoned nannies model how to manage most any situation in a calm, but firm manner.
  5. Positive Reinforcement Works – Whether it’s a chart with stickers or a few extra minutes of television time, children with an incentive to behave usually do.
  6. Bored Kids Are Likely to Cause Trouble – Most any nanny will agree that boredom is one of the biggest contributors to mischief. Keeping children engaged is one of the best ways to avoid bad behavior.
  7. Repetition is Key – When charges are small, nannies will repeat phrases and questions several times throughout the day; children need to hear things several times before they are really able to absorb the information.
  8. Outings Are Worth the Effort – Parents usually balk at the idea of loading up the children and heading out for the day, but nannies seem to handle outings with ease. That’s because they’ve learned that the payoff is well worth the effort; children learn by experiencing and interacting with their world.
  9. Boundaries Must Be Clear – Children who aren’t sure of the boundaries can’t be blamed when they cross them. As such, children who don’t understand the expectations can’t live up to them.
  10. Getting Dirty is Half the Fun – It’s not unusual to come home to a disheveled, paint-spattered nanny with grass stains on her clothes and a twinkle in her eye. Nannies who aren’t afraid to get dirty are usually the ones with the happiest charges, and the same holds true for parents who will let down their hair to enjoy time with the kids.
It can be difficult for some parents to acknowledge that their nannies may know more about parenting than they do, but embracing that idea can create opportunities for parents and nannies to work together to find the best strategies and parenting solutions for the children.

-Become a Nanny


MissMannah said...

I did not like this. Yes, nannies generally have more childcare experience than a new parent. But it seemed to say that all parents are bumbling idiots who have no idea what to do with their own kids.

nenanny said...

I don't think that's what the article is saying at all!

It's simply a list of what a great nanny ( who is experienced and confident in her skill set) can offer a family.

Many parents need the extra support the suggestions of what to do during the day or the figurative pat on the back to know that what they are doing is fine.

Parenting is hard and doesn't come naturally to everyone. Some need additional encouragement.