Relocating to Portland

I will be relocating to Portland, Oregon soon and was wondering if anyone in the area can tell me the market rates and their experience finding jobs? I'm currently in Seattle and my rates are in the $15-18 range. I've researched a little bit and read that rates in Portland are in the $11-13/hourly range. Is this correct? Also, I'd be grateful for any other tips or agency recommendations! Thanks!


AFoolishMortal said...

I am a Nanny in Portland, and have been for 12 years! It really depends on your experience. I have had 3 Nanny positions in the last 12 years. Found the first in the paper and the next two on craigslist by placing MY own very detailed ad. I have never been paid hourly (always salary). All of my jobs have been full time of at least 50 hours per week. The first job was a Nanny share for 4 children, and I made $1800/month. The second was for 2 (eventually 3) children, and I made $2100/month. My current job is with two children, and I make $2800/month. Good luck in your search!

OP said...

Hi there, I have a BA in a non-childcare related field, and five years experience as a nanny. What would you suggest for rates in the Portland area? Thanks

AFoolishMortal said...

Depending on how many kids you care for, I would say $15 or $16 per hour.