Need A Babysitter (Tuskegee,AL)

Childcare Needed ASAP (Anchorage)

I need childcare on Saturdays from 9-630 in my home, I live in Mountain View off of N. Lane st. The pay is $200 a month($50 a day or $25 per child which ever way you would like to put it.) Pay day is the 15th of every month. Depending on the tips I make you might get paid the day of but only if I make enough. But mostly you will be paid on the 15th. Also in a few weeks I will need you to come over Thursday and Friday from 530pm-930pm so I can work my night shift but that is not for a couple months yet.
About my children, My daughter will be 2 in April, She is still in diapers but working on Potty training, But she is a easy little girl, Always happy! My son is 4 and is potty trained, he is also a pretty happy child as long as he is not bored. They love to play and watch movies! They both love going for walks and to the park. Pretty simple children.
You will be making them lunch and dinner and snack which will be provided by me. Also helping them clean up after them if they make a mess, They pretty much clean there own room but need a little help.
You need to have a vehicle and be there every Saturday. Have references and previous childcare experience. This would be perfect for a student or teenager to make some extra cash. give me a call if interested XXX-XXXX during the day I can only text since I am at work. Will be meeting with people this weekend and will make a decision by Tuesday. Look forward to hearing from you =)

$5 per hour BABYSITTING (fremont / union city / newark)

Hello to all Parents!

I'm a 40 years old Stay At Home Mom available to BABYSIT IN MY HOME here in Union City...
I am Filipina and I'm a mom who is looking to help out parents in need of childcare for any reason or while you're still at work...
My home is child friendly and I have a lot of experience with children of all ages...
I also prepare Healthy food, Snack & Drinks for your child FOR FREE...
You must DROP OFF and PICK-UP your child here in my home....
My rate is only $5 per hour.... I'm available ANY HOURS, ANY DAY, even on WEEKENDS...
Please feel free to call or text me so we can work out the details...
Thank You!


I'll be starting CNA classes soon and will be in need of a sitter until I can get my 4 1/2 year old son into MyChild. He is Autistic/ADHD/Behavior Disorder. Is not potty trained as of now and has speech problems. Very active and hyper but is on medication. Prefere someone who has experience with special needs kids. Would be nice to have someone to watch all 3 kids while hubby and I go out once in awhile as well. My 9 year old daughter has the same issues as her baby brother. So is more like a 2 and 4-5 year olds verses 4 and 9. Also have a 15 year old daughter. Can not pay a lot just yet as I will only be in class at first. But needing a long term sitter. Both younger 2 are on medication. Must be mature and love children as well as our small chihuahua who is 7 weeks old. Would be in home as my son is more comfortable here at home with his toys.

Childcare needed for 2 year old twins (Goleta)

Hello. I am a mother to two beautiful, sweet, good natured, outgoing, and fun 2 year old twins. I have one boy and one girl. For two years, we have been doing great without needing any consistent childcare, but recently my husband got hired to work full time and is no longer able to watch the kids during the day. I currently work full time as a teacher. We are looking for someone to watch our munchkins from 2:00 to 4:00ish each day. Luckily, they still nap from 1-3:30 each day, so an hour and a half of you pay will be to just wait for them to wake up and keep the house from burning down. I am usually home from work anywhere from 4:00-at the latest, 4:30 in the afternoon. Some days might be earlier and some days might be later. We just need someone consistently here that we can count on to watch them.
Here is what we are looking for:
1) Good, local references that we WILL be contacting for sure.
2) Experience: we prefer that you have at least 1 year of experience working with young children and preferably with more than one child at a time. Let's be honest...twin toddlers are a handful!
3) Kind, easy going, good natured, but yet firm and consistent with discipline practices that we implement in our home. You will have to be willing to take guidance from us on how we choose to raise our children. We definitely don't want some nut yelling needlessly at our children, nor do we want someone laying back with a pina colada as they make a fort out of toilet paper.
4) We prefer that if you do have children of your own (that's a plus!), that you don't bring them with you. Sorry to say, but we want your attention on our kids.
5) No drugs, drinking, partying or inviting of people over to our house while we are not home. That's just not cool.
6) I would prefer if you didn't drive them anywhere. So if you have kids of your own, we don't want you taking our kids in your car to pick them up. No driving with them unless it's an emergency.
7) You have to love dogs--we have 3 rambunctious, ridiculous labs who will sniff you inappropriately.
8) If they are sick, it would be great if you were still willing to watch them. If you are sick, we want you to let us know ASAP because we will find someone to cover.
9) Love our kids as you would love your own. They really are sweet. I may be biased, but my kids totally rock!
And yes, we are parents of multiples, so obviously we are not extremely wealthy as they daily eat us out of house and home. So you have to be willing to accept $12.50/hr. It's a screaming deal since you will only spend at the most an hour with them both awake. Email me with a resume and a list of references with phone numbers if you're interested.

Babysitter needed 600$/month (Thornton)

Our current sitter has chosen a different career path. Looking for a full time, flexible person. Preferably to come to our home to watch our 3 year old son. Depending on your arrangements we can consider your place. Husband leaves for work around 5am, and works from 10-14hours/day, on a5&1 5&2 schedule so his days off always change. Wife schedule varies. Currently we have the pay bracket set at 1-19 hours paid at 5$/hour 20-29 hours/100$ flat rate and anything over that 150$/flat rate, with a 50 hour maximum before additional pay will be added. Our son is potty trained, and very active. We have memberships to the zoo and museum. He enjoys the outdoors immensely. Loves to learn (very fun age). Transportation very helpful however not required. Were open to ideas and hope to hear from you soon. Call, text or reply

looking to care for an infant (orlando/ e colonial)

hello my name is Veronica, iam looking to babysit an infant iam a mother/ housewife i have 3 kids of my own that go to school..iam looking to make some extra cash since my hubby is our only income..i have references if needed..plz contact me thru email or call {} thank u god bless

$40day experienced nanny (somerville)

hello my name is mage i m a mother .i am looking to wath 2 children
in my home part time or full time i am very flexible with drop off and
pick up times we live in a nice puiet neighborhood in somerville with a huge bak yard i have lots of fun activities planned throughout the day
as well as playtime out side and iam first aid and cpr my rates reasonsable 40$full day no time limits you can drop off anytime and you can pick up anytime thanks
please call me dont email me at 617 386 3150 thank you

Fall Part time Nanny Needed (Jackson)

Family of four, with two children ages 3.5 and 1 (by Sept 1), are looking for a nanny/mother's helper starting in September (but will need some help in August). In September, it will be regular hours:
Mon-Fri, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
One Fri or Sat night per week from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM (not both, unless something comes up and you are okay with doing both, but we don't plan on going out two nights per week on a regular basis...that would just be nuts :)
AND Sat mornings from 8:00 AM until 11:00 PM.
We are looking for 23 to 25 hours per week. If we increase hours beyond 25 hours, you will be paid $15.00/hour (but this shouldn't happen very often).
Salary is $1,150 per month.
Please note that for 6 weeks out of the year, we will be away, but we you will still be paid for those weeks. We might ask you to come over and check on plants, but that's about it!

*Must be comfortable with parents coming and going. We are moving from NYC and will need at least 6 months to get stuff done around the house.
*We have no television, so we are looking for someone to engage with the kiddos. Reading, going over letters, numbers, developmental stuff for the one year old.
*Adhering to our discipline style (love and logic, is probably what we are aligned with the most--talking a lot about things with kiddos).
*From time to time, accompanying family to after school events, to the grocery store, etc.
*Preparing meals (for the kids, not for parents. If it's for the parents, it's basic food prep).
*Keeping kid areas tidy.
*Laundry (kids laundry, not parents...again, this won't happen much, just during downtime, say, if naps are taking place).
*Bath time, if needed.
*You will not have to drive kids anywhere, but during less hot months, play outside!
*Possess or are working on a college degree
*Early childhood ed experience
*Sense of humor and a great disposition
*Willing to go through background check
*Please be professional.
*Be on time and...
*Be a part of our family!
*No electronics, like texting when you are with the kids. This has been an issue for us in the past.
*Active and engaging personality.
If you are willing to travel with us, that would be great. We will be going to Miami, NYC, Barbados and New Orleans and would love help on some of those trips. We will pay your weekly salary + flights + lodging + food. This is not mandatory, though.
We are hoping someone can help us out starting August 15, but between then and Sept. 1, we don't know the hours. After Sept. 1, it will be the hours above. Please be able to commit for one year.

Nanny needed in my home (north springfield)

Nanny needed in my home for 4 year old and 1year old. Need to have own transportation, non smoker, must be reliable, loving, and trustworthy. Must be registered day care provider or willing to become registered with the state. Pay from state is $130 a week. Flexible hours sometimes but base is 10-6pm m-f. Needs to be willing to complete housework, some cooking, and be active. Kids love to go swimming, to park, and outside activities. email if you think you would be a good fit.

Looking for Part-Time Summer Babysitter (Southwest Omaha)

We are looking for someone to babysit our 5 year old this summer (May 30 - August 14) from 12:30 - 5:30 and help with some care for our 13 and 11 year olds. Our 5 year old will be starting school in the fall, so he will start the summer taking a nap but we would like you to wean him off them by the end of the summer.
We have a neighborhood pool and membership, so a lot of time the older kids will be up there. We would like to have our youngest spend time up there, as well. He needs 1:1 supervision in the pool, so you would need to be with him at all times.
The older kids have sports 3x/week at 5:30 across town. I would like for the sitter to meet me at a designated place after I get off work at 5:00 so we can make it to practice on time. It takes too long to go home, pick up the kids, and make it across town in 30 minutes during rush hour. :)
Basic Daily Schedule
12:30 - Put 5 year old down for nap
2:30 - Wake up from nap
2:45 - Snack, pool, outside play
4:15 - Everyone needs to be home - call older kids home (most of the time they will be at the pool)
4:30 - Light dinner/heavy snack (will provide options)
5:00 - Load everyone in car to meet me at 5:10
1. Reliability and timeliness a must!
2. Have reliable transportation, a valid driver's license, and a good driving record
3. CPR/First Aid certified preferred
4. Be FUN! We are not looking for a strict nanny, but a fun companion for our youngest.
The pay is $30/day and general days are Monday - Friday, although there may be occasional days when you will not be needed.
Please contact me via email if you are interested or if you would like more information.
Thank you!


melissa said...

Is there something about the first one that I'm not seeing? I don't understand why it sounds unreasonable. Actually, a few of these sound okay- not really sure why WTF?

Belle Vierge said...

I concur. Some of them are way underpaid, but not all of these posts are WTF-worthy.

RoseisRose said...

I think some of them are wtf because of the spelling errors, and the "attitude" the poster gives across that seems to suggest all nannies are lazy or just in it for the cash.

Also, I must be getting old, because I remember when it was the norm and not the surprising exception for kids to be completely toilet trained by age 3.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Sadly many of these CL posts are just normal. Nothing really to say "WTF??" to. The only odd things are that some parents cannot spell correctly and that some of the pay is quite low, but none of these are as good as the ones that used to be posted as CL..WTF??

Please PLEASE people send in some better posts! These were very boring to read.

missmary said...

Since the site is turning over a new leaf, can the admins not post the crappy CL-WTFs that people send in? $5/hr, yup - that's low and illegal but not really WTF. Someone who has misspelled a few words is not WTF. Someone who has kids with ADHD is not WTF. The one in Jackson actually looks like a pretty sweet gig.

And please, for the love of god, if someone tries to go all ISYN vigilante and harass the posters of cl-wtfs, do not post their ranting emails back and forth.
thanks, loves!

Manhattan Nanny said...

I think the first (Alabama) one is ESL. Even if she is just poorly educated it isn't WTF in terms of content. It seems mean to post it.

MissMannah said...

1. I didn't really get anything WTF here. Except maybe the spelling errors. Did anyone else read "disscuss" with a hissing voice?

2. Well which is it? A few weeks or a couple of months? Way to be specific there, its not like this is my livelihood or anything.

3. "Uh hi, I don't value myself or my services and neither should you!"

4. How soon is soon? And seriously, you just want any run of the mill sitter to watch your TWO special needs children? Crazy.

5. This actually sounds like an awesome job for a college student. Or is $12.50 really low for the area?

6. Well of course your nanny has chosen a different career path at that salary!

7. "Hello, I'm a total creeper and I'm going to steal your baby."

8. I just love a puiet neighborhood.

9. This one sounds fine too. I would apply for it.

10. Argh! A nanny is not a registered day care provider! Friggin' morons!

11. OK this one is a little ridiculous. Watching 3 kids, including teenagers, and driving them around for $6 an hour? No thanks!

Snow said...

A quick glance #9 seems ok, but the math works out to $11.50 an hour which isn't that great for what they are asking the nanny to do especially if they want a nanny with a degree.

In my area what they are asking for would start at $15/hr and slightly higher if the person has an early ed degree.

Same with #5 I again don't know the area, but for what they want $12.50 is very low.

We nannies can't complain about our salaries, and scold parents for offering low wages when adds like these are posted and many of us act as thought the pay is acceptable. Things do not change unless you push for them to change.