Nanny Caught on Camera Slapping 5 Month Old

  A Staten Island couple's worst suspicions were confirmed when a hidden camera showed their 52-year-old nanny slapping and shaking their 5-month-old daughter inside the family's Grasmere home, according to police.

That video -- recorded by a "nanny cam" hidden inside a carbon monoxide detector -- made its way onto the same day as the alleged Jan. 28 incident, a law enforcement source confirmed, with more than 4,500 views so far. 


Does this moniker make my butt look big said...

How horrifying!! Poor baby. I hope the nanny does jail time and never works with children again!

VA nanny said...

Not sure why, but I can't access the link to read more. It says I don't have permission to view the page. Not sure if that's my problem or an issue with the link itself.

MissDeeLovesChicagoFire said...

I had the same problem as you did VA Nanny about not having permission to view the link. I did a Yahoo search and found the video.

I am shocked. OK, shocked is an understatment. Appalled is more like it.

To think that this woman is in her 50's, has lived half a century, and one would think that she is mature and experienced enough to know that any child, no matter the age, is not supposed to be slapped. Furthermore, perhaps the baby didn't want the bottle at the moment, or had gas, which will result in a cry at times. I watch for Baby C's visual cues that let me know she is ready for a bottle and nap-sometimes it's 815a, other times it's 830a. It may even be 840a that she is ready for her morning nap. Either way, I take her cues and go from there. Maybe this baby wasn't ready for the bottle, and it looked like she was trying to force feed the baby.

Unbelievable. She is older than me, gets a nanny job, and I am older, with a college degree, years of experience and currently working for three different families (one as needed for the last 3 years, one family the third Friday of the month and caring for Baby C the first weekend of the month) I can't even get interest in babysitting or a nanny job from and I live in a college town competing with 20-25 year olds with a fraction of my experience. I am responsible, creative, and experienced, yet that's not good enough for parents here.

What the hell are parents thinking when they hire nannies? Or do they not think at all?

MissMannah said...

I couldn't even watch that whole video, it was horrible.

Nanny Jenn said...

I watched this video 3x and each time my blood boiled more and more. How dare this "woman"....this monster...hit a helpless infant. My God..she is an idiot and more obviously the biggest coward ever. Let's see her try this on someone her own age.

Unfortunately, she has set all of us nannies back ten steps. After viewing this video, many parents are going to start secretly taping their nannies and that will only create deception between family and nanny.

To any parents who view this horrific video...please keep in mind this is the exception to the rule. The vast majority of us nannies are loving, responsible and trustworthy. When we see videos such as this one, our hearts also break and we cringe and want to slap the offender. Stuff like this happens very rarely and these are isolated incidents. Remember: There will always be an exception to EVERY rule. EVERY RULE. This video proves it.

I am a very loving ♥ nanny who feels absolutely disgusted by what I just saw. I would rather swim naked in the Arctic Ocean than harm an innocent child. So would 99.99% of nannies.

Anonymous said...

Southern Nanny.
Disgusting and if that was my child, her butt would have been mine and I would have pressed charges. I understand babies can be frustrating but there is no excuse for this! That is a helpless baby who is doing nothing wrong but following what their body is telling them to do. I hope this so called "human" never gets a job with children ever again. Poor baby.

Bethany said...

I do not want to watch the video?

Is the baby alive? Did she make it?