Berkeley Lincoln Playground in Park Slope, NY

Park slope -- playground behind PS 282. Wednesday September 5th around noon. I was at the playground with my son and a little boy, Lowell, came over and asked if he could play ball with us. He said he was 4 1/2 years old. He played with us for 45 minutes and never once did his nanny come over or even turn around to check on him. She was sitting in another part of the playground, facing the other direction, on her cell phone the entire time. He said her name is Judy.
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RBTC said...

that is really scary to think about what could happen - thank you for taking the time to post this - if it happens again try to get a picture and let us know any updates

OceanBlue said...

I'm all for letting charges explore and make friends, but how can you not even look up and watch them to make sure they are ok?

Why would should not go over to you and introduce herself? Even if she didn't stay and talk she didn't know you from Adam. You were a strange adult.

MissMannah said...

This a great sighting, especially because you included their names. I hope Lowell's parents hear about this and talk to their nanny.