MB Drops Bombshell

I realize that you don't normally post on Saturdays, but if there is any way you could post this tonight or tomorrow morning I would greatly appreciate it. I recently relocated so that I could go to school and get my bachelors in ECE. The family I previously worked for said that they knew of a family in my new area who was in need of occasional help for when the mother goes on business trips. They gave this mother my contact information and told me a little about what she was looking for. It was all well until the mother dropped the bombshell of rates unto me. She asked me what I would charge for 5 yo twins. I told her $10 an hour while they are awake and usually $5 an hour when they are asleep, but we could negotiate the second amount. She said I usually pay $100 a night. I think she means for the period when they sleep, but I asked to clarify. Nope, she meant $100 for 24 hours. So she wants me to work an upcoming 55 hour long weekend for.... $200. Am I being unreasonable by thinking this is way too low? I was thinking of maybe trying to bring it up to $275, just because she is friends with my previous family, otherwise I would be walking. Thanks. - FrustratedNanny


OP said...

Just an update, I talked to the mb again this morning to suggest going up that $75. She said she would go up $50 for the whole trip, and that she thought that was plenty. The rate I had given her was already a slightly discounted referral rate though. I relocated to a metro area btw, not the middle of nowhere!

OceanBlue said...

There isn't much difference between $200 and $275.

You may as well tell her your rate.

I find that to be the best move instead of asking them.

You don't owe her a discount because she is your former bosses friend.

BTW for full weekend care I charge a flat rate of $400 -$500.

I don't get to the awake asleep business it's too tricky.

LittleMiss said...

No, you are not being unreasonable and don't budge. Even at $275 the rate is too low. I think at the very least $300. You're the one doing her the favor. If she's unhappy then she can find someone else. And in the end, if you still don't want to do it just say no. Good luck! said...

Id walk. She's an idiot. And cheap. Very, very cheap!

Ness said...

I guess it depends how much you need the money right now. $250 is better than $0. I'm not saying its fair, just pointing out its not so easy to ditch this job if you really need some cash.

Why don't you tell her that you'll agree to this pay this one time, as a "trial" but you would like to negotiate the rate for future gigs. Who knows...maybe the girls are super easy and sleep 12 hours every night. On the other hand, they may be demon spawn, in which case you'll have even greater leverage for salary increase next time!!

MissMannah said...

I would say do it just this once, and only if you really need the money. The fact that she has been going back and forth a few times with you on your rate tells me that she will NOT be willing to negotiate further in the future. She's a cheapskate and I'm sure there's plenty of families in your new area who are willing to pay well.

PS: NEVER give your lowest price originally. Always ask for more than you expect, so that way you are willing to come down a little during negotiations.

nycmom said...

It is way too low. I would expect to pay at least $500 for 55 consecutive hours of sole care.

Unless you need the money, do not take the is job. It is not going to open any doors for you and is not a source of ongoing work.

Tara said...

Give her your rate and she can take it or leave it.
I'd pass, you don't owe her anything and she's already nickel & diming you.
Who needs the aggravation? Besides if you accept you'll only be resentful.

Sarah NY said...

I just set up my weekend hours with a family I work for and from 4 pm friday until 1pm sunday is $500 for three kids this is in a large city in NY but was on the low side of what I would offer because she is a good friend and gives me lots of work....$250 is way low for that many hours especially for more than one child for an entire weekend.

Bethany said...

If you need this jod, I would do it as a one time thing.

She does not sound interested in negotiating now or in the future.

Your best bet is to find another job part time or otherwise.

No, you are not being unreasonable to think $200 is too low for 55 hours of care.

As others have said you do not owe her chilcare because she is friends with your former boss.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

At the very least you should get minimum wage for all hours worked. That's around $400.

If you desperately need the money, take the job and tell her you're doing her a HUGE favor, because your normal ate for this work would be X.

If you aren't desperate, turn her down and tell her she is not getting your services because your rate is X.

I ate ice cream 4 dinner said...

Short answer NO.

gheez! said...

What's minimum wage where you live? Charge that. She can take it or leave it. I wouldn't EVER discount my rate because a child is asleep. Also, NO DISCOUNTS because the boss knows another boss. That makes no sense. You're cheapening yourself. Who cares if the kid is asleep. If they needed you, they would leave the child alone.

gheez.sorry said...

*If they didn't need you, they would leave the child alone.

Nanny NYC said...

3, 4 usd an hour, twins?? Are u crazy? 10 usd per hour minimum. If u say yes to her now, she will bog u every weekend and it will be hard for you to say no. So say no now.