Lake Park, Iowa

LAKE PARK POLICE WARN OF POSSIBLE ATTEMPTED ABDUCTIONS - Several Northwestern Iowa agencies have begun investigations into what may be attempted abductions of females by an unknown assailant or assailants. Incidents have occurred in the past few days in Lake Park as well as in Lyon County and Woodbury Counties where reports of a man in a white van has attempted to get females into a van with him. Lake Park Chief of Police Joe Hoover has issued a press release which states that Lake Park Police were dispatched to reports of a man who was following a girl on September 3, and another similar incident where a 35 year old woman was approached by a male driving a white van on September 4. The female described the white male as 60-66 years old with a beard and large framed prescription eyeglasses. She also noted that the van appeared to be a 1990s-or-newer white van with two rear door windows blacked out with Dickinson County plates. Authorities have issued press releases to local media outlets and notified area schools. Anyone who notices suspicious activity or has further information, should contact the Lake Park Police Department at 712-336-2525, or contact your local authorities.
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pancake said...

Well this kidnapper sounds a bit cliche!

slb3334 said...

I submitted this. This has been a problem in this part of the state this summer as there has been a number of vehicles following people and in some cases, asking them to get into their cars. This is a very rural area and with the abduction on the other side of the state, want people to be vigilant.

MacAttack said...

Scary stuff! A few months ago a man was approaching women at walmart asking for help. I thought it was odd that he was only asking women and not men. Luckily none of the women went with him. He was approaching them while they were distracted and putting away their groceries. It reminded me of the book "The Stranger Beside Me" about Ted Bundy by Ann Rule. He would approach young women asking for help and pretending to have a broken arm or leg. Before I left I saw a police car parked at the entrance. Someone probably called the police which in hindsight I should have done. I would trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings. If something does not feel right, it probably isn't so go with your gut. said...

When someone asks for help say, "Sure, let me call 911 for you!" then get away from them & call 911.