Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills, CA

Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills, CA
When: Aug 22
Where: Beverly Hills, Roxbury Park.
Child: Four year old girl named Willow (nanny said mom's name is Susan)
Incident: The child, "Willow" was left alone, trembling, shaking, crying literally HYSTERICALLY under the playground apparatus. Nanny was chatting with a friend and totally oblivious. I brought the child over (she had crawled into my arms, covered in dirt, and looked like she had fallen.) - Julia
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MissMannah said...

Poor little girl! So sad when nannies are just oblivious of their charges.

RBTC said...

thank you for keeping an eye out and helping the child - keep us posted

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Awww.....poor little girl.

This one is so sad. :(

Lyn said...

What happened when you brought the child back to her Nanny?