This weekend our Nanny will have been with us for a year and we would love to celebrate it with her in some way. The kids love her, we adore her, and couldn't have asked for a better Nanny if we had written everything down on a wish list. 

My family wants to do something really special for her and we need some suggestions on how best to show how much we appreciate all she has done. We plan to throw her a little party and need some great gift ideas! 

Nannies, what would be the best way for your MB and DB to show how grateful they are to you? - Anonymous


:) said...

For me, I would love a 100 dollar gift card and a raise OR a decent raise (a must) and take the nanny out I dinner :) and obviously let her know how amazing she is.

RBTC said...

a general consensus is going to be to show some money LOL. not a bad idea - times are rough and any little bit may help. if you cannot afford a raise then the gift card/bonus cannot hurt and is a good idea.

Ms. Vivienne LePeaux said...

While money is always appreciated, it is temporary. It gets spent and then gradually fades away from memory.

I would strongly recommend something that takes more time and personal investment, but would be permanent and deeply appreciated by your nanny, and go a long way toward earning her loyalty.

Sit down and put into writing specific things you have noticed about her work and why you appreciate them.

Village said...

MONEY, MONEY, and MORE MONEY. If you want to give her a party, a card, a gift, go ahead, but those should be in addition to MONEY MONEY MONEY.

The nanny is your employee, not your personal friend.

Nothing speaks louder than money.

UmassSlytherin said...

cash. enough with the sappy crappy, OP.

if your nanny is so great, put your money where your mouth is and cough up.

Tashina said...

Money is always fabulous!! And a heartfelt letter stating how much she means to you is also fabulous too. Here are some gifts I have been given from families I have been a nanny for...some are a bit more lavish than others, but they all meant the world to me...pure appreciation just feels awesome to anyone! I have been given a car, car insurance paid for, random checks up to $2,000, a house...(: gift-cards, dinners, and on and on. The point you want to make is that you value your nanny. Think about it. What could your boss do for you that would just speak volumes?

geeze said...

can't wait to see how people flame the OP on this one!

another job said...

Crap I worked for a family that didn't get me anything when they moved away. Many years of service and going out of my way to be helpful. Rewarded with nothing. Kinda of hurts

Yes, if you truly appreciate her why not a bonus. Or a small raise. I don't know why you need a party but its a cute idea if its just you guys and the kids.
I am sure the kids will be excited to help setup the house.

ha ha ha said...

nothing says 'thank you for pretending to really care about and love our children' than cold hard cash. After reading through the rants, opinions and 'a day in a lifes' by nannies it's obvious that at the end of the day it is just a job for much as the MB wants to believe she is 'part of the family'. Give her cash and move on. Don't pretend the relationship is something it's not.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Sorry, but I don't think a party for her is such a good idea. I mean...just because she has been with you for a year does not mean you guys have to throw a party for her. She might be embarrassed if you actually do so.

I think the best way to show her your appreciation is to give her a nice cash gift, perhaps take her out to a nice dinner and have the kids make something heartfelt for her.

Kudos to you for being such an awesome employer!!

You rock OP! ☺

NannyPants said...

You sound like an awesome boss!! :) I have a similar sounding relationship with my MB, DB and charge. I celebrated my first Nanniversary with them in June and they asked me what I wanted to do for a fun day...we ended up going to an amusement park and going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant. My MB and DB gave me a raise, cash bonus, and a picture frame and card from the baby.

NannyBlue said...

Something hand made by the kids, if they're old enough to do so!! Picture frame, cards, pictures, crafts, involve her favorite animal, color, etc.
Another idea, send her on an all-paid for weekend getaway/mini vacation!
What a sweet, thoughtful employer you are!!

no moniker #2 said...

Re-posted for Anonymous...
Money (or gift card) and a nice letter, or something made by the kids. Or a paid day off! That would be something I would really appreciate- especially if she is working many hours.

wow said...

To UmassSlytherin, geeze & ha ha ha, why should the OP be flamed? Sounds to me here she wants to do something sweet and wonderful. I can't believe an innocent post such as this could receive negative garbage comments. Not nice.

Lyn said...

Thank you for realizing that your Nanny deserves some recognition for a year of wonderful service! Not all families do and she will definitely appreciate it!
I would definitely offer a raise, bonus of either a gift card or cash, and something more personal to your family, like a photo of all of you together with babies hand print on the back.

Bethany said...

Take note MBs and DBs out there this is the way to treat your nanny!

Good job!

I don't know your nanny, but for me a party would be very uncomfortable and awkward as I don't have any friends in common with the people I would work for.

1. You can never go wrong with a cash bonus.

2. Iwould also consider giving her a raise for her weekly pay.

3. Consider adding aditional benefits to her contract. For example if you don't offer health care coverage, add that as a benefit. A few extra sick days.

4. Gift cards and gifts can be tricky unless you kno w for certain her favorite stores and products, otherwise if you want to give a gift card I'd give it as a VISA or American card she can use anyplace.

5. Vacation ! Vacation! Vacation! Give her a few extra days. I love to travel, but it can be hard to plan a trip as a nanny. An extra day or two can make all the difference.
I also have a nanny friend with a DB & MB that paid for a weekend trip for her & hubby. So that's a thought if you know her that way.
6. Homemade & Handmade our some of the best gifts. I've saved every drawing and handprint given to me by former students or charges. Keep them in a little binder. It's a nice reminder of the good in the world. So have the kids color, or do handprints if they are babies.

7. A heartfelt note from MB & DB. You can never tell your nanny enough how much you appreciate what she does. Never.

8, Have to say again how awesome I think this is. It's good to be reminded that some family.nanny relationships or great.

Bethany said...


I do love my past and present charges. No pretending involved.

Manhattan Nanny said...

OP, You sound like a wonderful employer. Ignore the Negative Nellies, most of the nannies I know do love the children they care for.
For her one year anniversary if you can manage a raise that definitely says we appreciate you!
A card from the parents expressing appreciation, and things made by the children always mean a lot to me.
If you want to do more, I would keep the gifts to small things from the children and/or a gift card or $ from you.

OP said...

To clarify, the children want to decorate/make a cake and have the party for nanny, from them, with some cards they've made (we will surprise her tomorrow).

DH and I planned on giving a cash bonus, we just hadn't settled on an amount until this morning, hoping $2500.00 is fair and appropriate.

As far as gifts, we've kept up with raises every 6mo and know money is always appreciated, but wanted something more personal. The ideas of some paid time-off sound great and we know her and her husband have always wanted a cruise. We will look into that first thing monday morning. We want her input on where they'd like to go.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful comments!

Bethany said...

A party with the kids sounds cute! It's adorable that they want to throw a party for her.

Your nanny is lucky to have found you all.

Kloe said...

Wow...a cruise and two grand plus??

You guys are the bomb!!!!

new york nanny said...


You can always give them a gift card to Liberty Travel or any other travel agency. That way you don't have to go crazy figuring where they want to go.

Wow, I worked for families in the past and never received any kind of bonus. It would be weird, because they always bragged to everyone how great I was with the kids. Oh well!!

Let us know what happens!!

WestchesterNanny said...

Wow, you guys sound awesome and your nanny must be awesome too!! Yes, having a dinner party for her sounds great and I'm sure
she'll love the cards from the kids.

Ha ha ha: I don't know what you are talking about. Most nannies I know love our charges.

$2,500 sounds amazing to me. The cruise idea is insane (in a good way). Just a random thought, maybe a nice purse? I know I always end up carrying all of my charges' stuff like books, food, electronics, etc., so I always wear out my big bags. So maybe something fashionable that she can also use for work. Just a thought.

Kudos to you guys!

nannyinmanhattan said...

I would say gift cards and time off also. Every nanny appreciates a little time off to rest and recover and that would say more than ever than a party ever could, however I do understand if you wanted to do something "special" with your children, having said, my employers do something with me for the sake of our children every year that consist of cake (that the kids baked or picked out themselves and a present that they picked out also) along with their contribution (usually a gift card and long weekend)
Hope that helps and btw, YOU ROCK!

RBTC said...

again - thank you for being a great parent - all good you show to your nanny will come right back to your kids - let us know what happens!

Anna Irene said...

Wait...the OP is saying she will pay for a cruise for both her nanny and her nanny's hubby plus give them $2,500 and she only has worked for them for a year!

I call Troll.

This whole set-up sounds too good to be true.

nannysara said...

Anna Irene, you sadly must have parents that don't appreciate you. I've been nannying for the same family for over 3yrs and on my 1yr anniversary I got $1,000 cash plus a paid weeks vacation. Oh, and the little kids baked me a cake, too! :D

mom said...

Why is 2,500 and a cruise so hard to believe, especially for people with money? There are Parents out there that realize the value of their Nanny and want to do everything in their power to make her feel appreciated. I feel bad for those Nannies that work their asses off and don't feel like the family gives a damn but if that's the case, they need to leave. I know it's harder than not to find a good family, but they're out there!

There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my Nanny, she cares for our most precious commodity! For Parents looking to budget and cut corners, childcare is NOT the place to do it!

UmassSlytherin said...

I didn't flame OP. I just gave my opinion.

Stop trying to make something out of nothing, my troll.

British nanny said...

Wow,once again I'm completely shocked by the American tipping/bonus culture! Over here a nice gift or small cash bonus is all thats expected, if anything at all.

I have an incredible family and they spoil me rotten with little gifts and nice gestures but I would never expect it from them. They are paying your wages after all!

Well aware I'm probably about to get "flamed" now but just wanted to point out the difference in expectations on this side of the pond.

PS OP you sound like an amazing boss to put so much thought into a present for your nanny. That shows your appreciation more than immediately deciding on cash =)

MissMannah said...

Brit, believe me it is a regional thing. (re: tipping/bonuses) Around here, professional nannies aren't so common and it would be unheard of to get a huge bonus for any occasion. I suspect in other areas where people generally don't have nannies, it is the same deal. My eyes popped out of my skull when I saw what the OP is offering her nanny, just like they do every Christmas when I read the bonus special. In the past, I have always gotten a small raise on my "nannyversary" and a gift or card for Christmas. The most I've ever gotten was $100 and a framed photo of the kids on my birthday.

Hayley said...
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Brit nanny said...

Ah ok, thanks Miss Mannah it makes a bit more sense now. I believe in London bonuses are more usual but in the region I live there are very few nannies, I don't know anyone else here who has or is a nanny. My eyes definitely popped at the suggestion of $2500 and a cruise. That would be seen as ridiculous or showing off if it happened over here.

It just seems strange to me that, for example on the Christmas bonus post, people were complaining that they didn't get a big enough bonus as receiving lovely (and often very expensive) gifts. That wouldn't happen here, I would be grateful for just a card. I guess it's just a difference in culture.

Whoever is OP's nanny is one lucky lady!

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Brit nanny, IMO it's more of a difference in people's expectations rather than a cultural difference.

Some nannies expect a bonus, feeling that they somehow deserve to get money above and beyond what they agreed to work for initially.

Other nannies don't expect a bonus, and are genuinely thrilled and happy when they recieve one, or when they get a gift, etc.

Either way, OP is being VERY generous, and I am sure her nanny will be thrilled!

Unknown said...

The most generous gift I ever received from my charge's parents was my Christmas bonus every year. It was 130ish% of my weekly salary. Cash.

Of course I was also paid in full for the Christmas break. AND I was always given an actual gift of about $100 value. I was truly lucky with this amazing and generous family.

They made me feel very appreciated indeed.