Plaza Fiesta Indoor Playground - Charlotte, NC

Plaza Fiesta Indoor Playground, Charlotte, NC Wednesday, August 8, 2012, mid morning. A young Nanny with an accent (perhaps au pair?), with long blonde hair. Her charges were twin girls approximately 3 years old. What a great Nanny! Instead of just sitting and watching the girls play like most nannies do here, she was constantly playing with them. It was obvious how much the girls love her, and it seemed she loved them. It was really nice to see!
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RBTC said...

thank you Op for keeping your eye out to make sure children are being treated right - if you ever see a child being treated wrong - please do the same and let us know - it does not matter if it's their mom, nanny, grandma,babysitter,aunt or pet parakeet !

good sighting Op !

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

This nanny was doing what all nannies should do...interact w/their charges vs. just sitting on a bench somewhere watching.

I always play w/my charges...unless they are much older.

I think that is what separates a good nanny from a lazy, uninterested one.

Excellent sighting.

gypsy said...

Hmmmm.....some kids would rather play alongside or with other children in lieu of the caregiver. That does not make the caregiver lazy or uninterested. When we take our child to play areas, he wants to play with other kids. As soon as we take his second shoe off, he is literally running away to us & to the talk to & play with the other kids. That's why we bring him. He has mom & dad all day. Were two very involved sahps. Were not lazy. Were certainly not uninterested. He enjoys the children. Again, that's *why were there. For him to socialize. And he isn't older. He is quite young, imo.

Now, if there is a child clinging to an uninterested caregiver, I would agree that is a lazy caregiver. And "somewhat watching" is always lazy!

But to conclude that a caregiver who isn't interacting with their charges or children @ a childs play area is uninterested & lazy is unfair & probably not even true.

Just my opinion. ;-)

ericsmom said...

I know I am a mom. I think its good for kids to play with other kids without being the helicopter parent.
Yeah you have to keep an eye on them. Make sure everything is okay. What is wrong with an hour or two of free play at the park.
I love when I find other moms or caregivers to chat too. Usually, the kids will also play together.

follow.the.rules said...

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Dory said...

@ follow.the.rules said...
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HaHa, good catch! The dummy got deleted!

google sux! said...

Wow, my comment went up and 2 seconds later I went to read it and it was gone! Looks like Google is glitching again! Guys, check your comments to make sure they're posting.I'm too tired to re-write mine over, lol.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Not sure what happened but I had to re-post 3 different comments.

I was moderating and "follow.the.rules" was the 2nd Poster. After deleting the 1st comment, I came back a minute later and 3 others were missing.

Sorry everyone... but it does seem as if google is giving some of us a hard time tonight!

My apologies for any comments that may have disappeared... if I happen to notice others missing, I will re-post them for you!

RBTC said...

nothing good was deleted - just the usual " it was not really a nanny " type of comment

Bethany said...

I like to think that the majority of nannies are good with their charges. It's nice to be reiminded of the good ones as most of us are.

I agree with gypsy and erics mom that good nannies can find a balance for playing alongside their charges and letting them safely explore the world around them and interact with their peers.

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