Parting Gift Ideas?

Hey everyone, I have been with my current family for 2 years and 2 months. In about 3 weeks I will be leaving them to continue my education. I love my current family and would have loved to stay with them but I just cant with my new school schedule. They have hired an au pair for the upcoming school year and I will be helping with the transition. My question is what should I give them as a parting gift? I take care of 3 wonderful boys ages 7, 11 and 14 and look after their 3 dogs.

MB and DB are great people and I can honestly say that my job has had a positive impact on my life. The family is well off so I'm unsure what I should give to children who have everything and what would show their parents how much I've enjoyed working with their family. The oldest child is very creative and artsy, so I feel like if I give them a scrapbook I would just be "copying" what the oldest child does all the time. I'm also torn. Should I get each child a gift and MB and DB a separate gift, or should I get one big gift for the family?Thanks. - Anonymous


California babysitter said...

I have mixed feelings about this. I think I would take the kids somewhere special. Do they ever talk about going somewhere they like? Maybe, a Funplex, or waterpark? Or even bowling and dinner.

On a sidenote do you think you will be getting a small gift from the family? I worked for a family just on weekends for many years. Chaotic house, kids, etc. I always would go beyond and do little extras to make life easier.
I would take the kids places they liked. For example: Chuckie Cheese, the beach, etc.
I didn't even get a present or a bonus when they left. Is it wrong that I feel bad about that?

Flick said...

A scrap book sounds great!
Pp don't feel bad I would too. In this line of work it's more emotional something would be nice.

gypsy said...

Your feelings are never wrong. I wouldn't take it personally though. Some people are just cheap or don't like giving gifts. I wouldn't take it personally because I would bet they don't gift any of their domestic helpers. In short, its not you. Its them. <3

gypsy said...

Id gift the children. Id write the parents a thoughtful thank you letter & make them each a thank you card.

Bethany said...

I think a scrapbook is nice.

Give a gift to the children not the parents.

Gigt down not up. If you'd like you can include a nice note to your bosses a long with the scrapbook and let them know you appreciated your time with them.

For the kids I would do a special trip to some place they all love one last time with you.