1) Babysitter/Bodyguard - (Virginia) I live in the Alexandria/Springfield area and I am looking for a part time babysitter to handle my 11 year old son. He has some behavioral issues (ADHD) and gets aggressive with his mom and younger sister when I am not at home. I need a male babysitter (preferably from a branch of the military) who can instill some discipline and protect my wife and younger daughter when he has tantrums. The applicant needs to be close by (geographically) and have a car, and a lot of patience. Late afternoon availability during the day would be helpful, but we need help on weekends too. My last babysitter quit after he locked her out of the house. Combat pay available. Salary negotiable. Direct all calls to Jeff at 703 629-****.
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

2) babysitter\nanny needed - (Indiana) i am looking for a nanny/babysitter to watch my children from 8-5:00.. some days will be before 4:30 if i am dismissed earlier. i have a 1 year old and 4 year old both well behaved. i am looking for a non smoker christian who loves children. i am also looking for this person to do light house work such as maybe dishes and sweeping no detail work or hard work just small things. i am willing to pay $130 a week but since i get paid bi weekly than i can pay you when i get paid. i will be setting up interviews soon at the green tree mall. if interested please email me! once i get out of training hours could change. the latest would be 6:00 or could be earlier.
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

3) Part Time Nanny/Babysitter Needed - (Florida) Hi we are looking for a part time (3 days a week) Nanny or babysitter to care for our 12 month old in our Seffner home. Hours would vary but anywhere in between 8 to 5. No weekends required. Must come highly recommend, be 18 years or older, CLEAN BACKGROUND, bilingual a plus, and be able to be flexible with your days. We are looking to pay at least $75 per week based on experience. Please email resume/references for consideration. We will be looking to interview MONDAY. Feel free to call 813 620 **** and leave a message if this is more convienent for you.
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

4) In need of a dependable babysitter - (NC) Im in need of a dependable babysitter preferrably not younger than 21 who would be willing to watch my son who is almost 4 months old Monday through Friday 6:30am-3:00pm. I currently am working 2 full time jobs and really need a responible, loving, and caring sitter. I can pay no more than $100.00 a week. If interested please give me a call at 828216**** and I will answer any questions you may have.
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

5) Nanny Needed - (Dallas) Nanny Needed every Monday and Wednesday Night, along with every other Sunday night. I am the current Nanny and have been offered a position in the field I am going to school for, or else I wouldn't be leaving. The job is pretty simple. You get here at 6:15pm, dinner is usually already made or their eating, and sometimes on Wednesday nights she will give you money to take you and yourself to McDonald's to get the $1.49 hamburger meal. There are two children 12 and 14, brother and sister. They go to bed around 8:30 and you can watch TV or do whatever until you chose to go to bed. During the school year you take them in the mornings to school about 10 min away and afterwards you are done for the day. It's a easy job, pay is $50 a night and you get paid every two weeks. There is on occasions where she will pick up half a shift or even full, on her off night (sunday) and you can make more cash. Serious inquires only please. She is looking for someone to start the week of the 13th, so we would like to interview people and possibly have someone come over one night to have a run down while I am here.
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

6) Nanny Needed - (Ohio) I need a qualified, responsible person to baby sit my 3yr old for the hrs I work. I work 12hr shifts 3 to 4 days a week 7pm to 7am. I would of course need you to be attentive and love children because this is my 1 and only child, so I need you to be trustworthy and very honest. I would prefer her to be watched here at my home but if you have suitable living quarters that would be fine as well. Your job would be to feed, bathe, clothe, and entertain my sweet daughter as needed. Rate: $90-$100/wk.
Submitted by A. Thank you!

7) FT Nanny Needed - (D.C.) Mon-Fri, 12:00pm-8:00pm for three children - 10, 8, and 5. Expectations: Nanny will arrive on time every day for the following housekeeping duties: Kitchen (dishes, sweep/mop floors), bathrooms (wipe down sinks/shower/bath/toilets), vacuuming (carpeted areas of home) and all laundry. Pick children up from school, help with homework, prepare snacks, drive to activities (vehicle will be made available) and if time permits, nanny will engage the children in fun, creative activities. This will be a long term position. Parents want to make nanny a part of the family.
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!

8) sitter needed ASAP! - (N.J.) i have to work and my babysitter cant make it over tonite. please help! i have one sweet lil 6yo princess i promise shes no trouble at all you can just sit and watch t.v. maybe make some popcorn or cookies together! Plz i need you from 4pm to midnite, its an easy $50!
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!


ElenaMadera said...

WTF is all I can think of to say, which I guess is why these posts are titled "Craigslist WTF." But seriously - WTF???

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

The first one made me laugh...the part about the former sitter being locked out of the house. While I appreciate the full disclosure, I think it is safe to say that NO one will want to work for this family EVER!!

The rest are so cheap, I feel like punching my computer screen.

As if nannies do not deserve working wages. As if us nannies are nothing but slaves, etc.

Yet, they want "highly recommended" nannies.

Good luck to these crazy parents.

With the prices they are offering, they probably will get someone highly recommended to be committed to a mental hospital.

gypsy said...

1.)I have a feeling this weird ad is going to attract a weird-o.

2.)50+/hrs a week for $130? We know she "might" get out @ 4:30, but the latest would be 6:00PM. Okay, so its closer to the truth to say.....she wants to get off of work @ 6:00PM, so the nanny would be working from 8:00AM-6:00PM PLUS communte time. Highly unlikely the nanny will only work until "before 4:30." Its just your typical case of bait & switch. Mention the earliest possible time(forget to include the commute) & the latest possible time. But pay $130/week regardless of the hours worked. And $130/week???? That's less than $3.00/hour! That was minimum wage OVER twenty years ago in Indiana. This woman can't afford a nanny. She needs a low cost child care.

3.)$25 for nine hours? That's less than $3.00/hour. Another case of not being able to afford a nanny. Maybe a low cost child care would welcome this child.

4.)8.5hrs/day 5/days/week for $100/week? Who would work FULL time for a little over $400/month????? Maybe someone on drugs. Maybe.

5.)$1.49 McDonalds meal??? Downer cow meat & fillers, great for the growing brain! Ugh.

6.)48 hours per week for $90-$100??? Who would work for that? A druggie? Someone with a criminal past who can't find employment elsewhere? Nobody I know that's for sure. Scary what kind of person these super low jobs attract.

7.)They're looking for a house cleaner, who will make sure the kids don't burn down the house. Let's call it like it is. This is not a nannys position.

8.)Easy money. That's great. I hope this child isn't exposed to a pedophile. I doubt mom is running background checks & ensures her "nanny" doesn't entertain while working. Scary

All in all, these ads are very sad! These precious children deserve parents who value their care! Unfortunately, it seems as though quality care is a mere after thought. I hope these children will be in safe hands, but its not very likely now is it? ;(

Dory said...

gypsy, i love it when you and some of the others number your comments for each ad, lol!!

Dory said...

oh, btw! did anyone notice for ad 7: "and if time permits, nanny will engage the children in fun, creative activities" -- wtf? if time permits?! does this mom give a crap about her kids at all?!

redridinghood said...

The last ad is just *begging* for something horrendous to happen - how can a parent possibly be so negelectful about their child's welfare? I have always vowed I'd never say that some people shouldn't have children, but...

gypsy said...

Lol, Dory!!


gypsy said...


Aries said...

Lol @ and sometimes on Wednesday nights she will give you money to take you and yourself to McDonald's to get the $1.49 hamburger meal.

these parents cant even write there own ad so they have there nanny do it.

MissDee said...

1. Kids need sitters, and they also need help. I have ADHD and was an aggressive little shit when I was younger-lots of anger issues about my mother's death and directed toward my father. If the mother and sibling need protection from this child, then the parents need to step up and get professional help, or he will end up much worse. My heart goes out to this family....

2. WTF?

3. Highly recommended, educated nannies who are/aren't bilingual deserve more. Try $1.88/hr + $14.12/hr. $75 could buy a few drugs....

4. See number 3. $100 could buy more drugs and a bottle of Jack Daniels....

5. The nanny most likely left out the part that she is going to make more money with her new job. 12 and 14 may not be mature enough to take care of themselves overnight, yet they can't walk to school in the am? Things that make ya go hmmmm....yeah.

6. See 3 and 4....

7. Apparently this family has the job descriptions of a housekeeper and nanny confused....

8. I will not go to the home of a man I just met, nor will I expect that man I just met to pick me up for a date: I would meet him somewhere, same with a blind date. I will not accept babysitting jobs for complete strangers with less than a week notice....


Bethany said...

#1 is so sad. That child ( and family) need professional help.

#2 Would be better off looking for a small in home daycare.

#3 Same as #3 only should look for one that can provide drop in care and offers a bilingual curriculum.
#4 Same as #2 & #3

#5 I wonder if the current nanny posted this job or if the parent posted as the nanny to get more hits
I am always concerned about jobs where the nanny takes the lead roll in finding the next nanny.
I also wonder why the 12 &14 year old can't walk to school 10 minutes away.

$50 is two low unless the returns by 9:00pm on a normal night.

Expecting a serious commitment for low pay and a irregular schedule is dellusional in my opinion and best suited to a college babysitter which is what it sound slike the current person is.

#6 Change the wk to night and she would have the right pay range. Will be hard to find a safe and qualified person to do an overnight for what she wants to pay.
#7 Parents have confused nanny for housekeeper. Part of the family lol.

#8 CL is not the place to look for an emergency sitter. I hope that little girl was not harmed.

Flick said...

I respect the number one ad. I know first hand how hard any true disability is on a family unit so I think if the pay is right for a strong willed manny then yes good. I worked with an autistic boy who would only ever listen to men he ignored us ladies that was hard.
As for the last one I understand why someone would post like that I just think calling friends and asking for an older child of a friend would be better. Or asking for there sitters number. That is how I found 90% of my regular jobs like that word of mouth. The family came recommended and so did I so usually always matched well together.

Bethany said...

Yes, If you have an emergency and cant cancel or take the child with you it's better to leave them with a trusted neighbor, friend, or ask for the numbers of your sitters friends, if you must to try a trusted agency with screened on call sitters.
IMO a parent should always have a back up list. I remember my parents having back ups.

It's just to risky to grab some one last minute on CL that you haven't met

Bethany said...

I truly feel for #1 but I worry they will find the wrong person that doesn't address deeper issues going on.

Logical Skeptic said...

Guys, I know you love getting all indignant at these cheap-o parents who won't pay decent wages and think of nannies as "slaves", but all I see when I read (a lot of) these ads are desperate people who need childcare, want GOOD childcare, can't afford it, and are hoping for the best.

Yes, I'm sure there are plenty of skinflints who make a bundle but underpay/undervalue their help, but a lot of these ads say things like, "I can only pay you $[n]" or "I can only afford $[n]". This doesn't make me angry at the parents; this makes me angry at our government, which doesn't provide high-quality universal daycare in any form, doesn't guarantee sufficient vacation, doesn't match school hours to working hours, doesn't provide a living wage for *anyone*, doesn't allow wages to be high enough for one parent to stay home if s/he chooses, and refuses to tax high earners so that it might be able to any or all of these things.

MPP, I'd appreciate it if you only posted low-pay ads that don't indicate somewhere that the low wage is only what the poster can afford.

PS The occasional McDonald's meal isn't going to do anyone any harm, and children think it's a treat. I ate them every once in a while and I turned out fine (M.A., tri-lingual, healthy, dancer), and I bet you did too. *eyeroll*

Gimme Generation said...

Children are not a right.

You are not required to have them if you can't aford them avoid them.

If you choose to have them even when you cannot afford them does not entitle you to free or low cost babysitters or nannies.

Logical Skeptic said...

Gimme, you do realize that a) myriad variables are in play when people decide to have children, not just money, and b) plenty of people, especially these days, were financially secure when their children were born or small but are finding themselves in pretty dire straits now, right?

If you're this unsympathetic to the disadvantaged I bet you're one of those people who thinks birth control shouldn't be widely available, cheap, or easy to get, because "people should just control themselves".

ha! said...

Its funny, you're trying to be understanding. But youfe coming off as judgmental.

lol said...

How do you know when someone is tri-lingual? They tell you within five minutes of meeting them. Ding!

traveling-gypsy said...

So because someone falls on hard times, they should expect to be able to pay an illegally low wage? The same as what minimum wage was twenty years ago? Really? Interesting. When we fell on hard times, we worked our way out of it. We didn't ask to enslave someone, having them clean, cook & babysit for $2.00 an hour! What a terrible excuse.

How do you know if these familes are disadvantaged?? IME the families who seek super low child care are the ones with all designer clothes & new cars.

You sound judgmental Logical Sceptic of those of us who have simply pointed out the obvious-that the rates they're offering are far too low for any nanny. That a family child care is what they can afford(maybe).

I'm not sure why it matters to you. But no, I didn't have fast food more than a couple of times a YEAR growing up, IF that.

MissMannah said...

Skeptic, I feel we have every right to be indignant at these parents who think they can get a nanny at $2 an hour. (The worst part is that they CAN get one, that just perpetuates the cycle.) Having a nanny is a luxury, not a necessity, and not all families can afford one. If you can't afford to pay a nanny what she's worth, you don't try to hire one. It is as simple as that. You look for a nice home daycare or if you have really fallen on hard times, you accept state/federal assistance and use daycare subsidies.

me & my shadow said...

@Skeptic. What ever happened to taking personal responsibility for your situation? I can't believe you're actually angry at the government & blaming the government. The only person responsible for expecting someone to be a nanny for $2.00 an hour is the person asking. People should be outraged at the implication that one on one child care is only worth $2.00 an hour. I found it ironic that you were quick to bring up a living wage, while ignoring the minimum wage. What good is a minimum wage or living wage if people ignore it??

RBTC said...

a couple of years ago a friend "borrowed" my credit card to pay her $400 electricity bill "for her kids"

she had just "won" numerous pairs of shoes on ebay, of course had the huge flat screen with hundreds of cable channels, the latest cell phone that can do everything but contact the space station, all the latest gadgets for the kids, 4/5 bedroom house, new car every year, and the husband receiving ap. $1000 per month disability

it would be interesting to know where the childcare money is going with these craigslist families

poverty ain't what it used to be

Moniker #1 said...

"Doesn't allow for wages to be high enough for one parent to stay at home."

There are a lot of stay at home parents where I live. How you choose to live depends on what you want & what you value in life. Having two working parents or a stay at home parent is the result of choices the parents have made. Its not the governments fault that some parents would rather have two brand new cars & thousands in retail debt instead of having a parent stay at home. If a family values having a parent at home its up to them to make choices that will support that lifestyle. I don't follow your belief that its the governments responsibility to resuce people from themselves.

CryMeARiver said...

RBTC, I have a saying,"people don't know how to be poor anymore."

Poor today means having food stamps & running out of food the last few days of the month, while driving around with brand new $1,000 rims on you ride. Having your electricity turned off, but carrying a new Coach bag. Paying $3.00 an hour for child care because "its all I can afford" while paying $1,000 a month to rent a new couch, new top of the line computer and new washer & dryer. Poverty ain't what it used to be. You're right about that! Poor used to be living paycheck to paycheck, no extras, clothes from the goodwill & hand me downs, sparse & old furniture, a small tv with rabbit ears & a bus pass.

RBTC said...

crymeariver --

you insultin' my tv?

j/k !

my tv is about 15 years old - all my friends make fun of it !

well said.

CryMeARiver said...

Bigger & flatter is all the rage!! LOL

used to have money said...

Friggin' brilliant! So true.

My husband lost his job a year ago. We knew right away we'd have to tighten our belts as it was going to be a bumpy ride. Out went the cable, home phone line (we kept the cell because we had that number longer), the internet (it came as a bundle package, yeah?) lol, sold a few items and got in the food line.

I couldn't believe the cars in the lot! Mercedes, Lexus! After my appt. I sat, curious, to see who would walk out to those cars because the last time I looked, Social Work didn't pay that well.

Damn, was I in for a rude awakening! Girls walking out like they were dressed for a night out at the club, big flashy jewelry, huge gold hoop earrings, rings, bad-ass shoes (I used to be such a shoe whore, so yeah, I couldn't break my stare!)

All I could do was say, wtf?? How did these women get food stamps??

RBTC said...

used to --

here in houston there is a talk show host - michael berry - he and his staff went down to the unemployment line and did interviews last week

the cars, the clothes - it's all like you said !

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

People who live in poverty here in the US still live better than most of the people in Europe and MUCH better than the vast majority of the truly impoverished in the rest of the world.

So if you have kids, qualify as "living in poverty" and need childcare, do the world a favor and grow up enough to kick your expensive shoe/purse/electronics habits before you whine about having to pay more than $25/day to someone willing to care for your kid(s).

Aries said...

These parents looking for a cheap nanny are making atleast minimum wage so even for that price, they can offer, but they complain about bills, diapers, food, as if nannies dont have bills themselfs. Its ludacris, they should opt for a daycare or inhome if they cant afford it, but then again, they're prob lazy and would must rather try and skimp on pay and have a nannies come to them.

I have no sympathy for any of these craigslist ads, theres a reason they're on craigslist and not

I agree with gimmiegeneration and travillinggypsy and the others. Lets not blame the goverment on this one, people always want to play the blame game.

Aries said...

I really need to start using spell check lol.. Or atleast slow down and review my comments before I hit publish

trash said...

@TalesFromTheNannyhood - seriously? " People who live in poverty here in the US still live better than most of the people in Europe and MUCH better than the vast majority of the truly impoverished in the rest of the world. " Are you kidding me? I know that US culture is quite insular but that is such a ridiculous and incorrect statement it has to be challenged.

RBTC said...

tales had a point --

" IMMIGRATION -- is the sincerest form of FLATTERY "

there is a reason so many people want to come here

talesfromthe(nanny)hood said...

Trash, how many people who "live in poverty" here drive new(ish) cars, have flat screen TV's, have kids with expensive shoes and clothes, have cell phones, have gaming systems, have high speed internet and cable, and have the money to eat out a lot?

The honest answer is, a whole lot of them. You show me Europeans or any people from anywhere else in the world that their government declares to be poor who have all the latest gadgets, gizmos, clothes, and food to eat.

RBTC said...

tales is right - it's why some people want to pay nothing for a nanny - any person's view is respected ;)

A name said...

There are also plenty of people living in Europe, at least England, like that, Tales. They have a huge problem with abuse of social welfare programs as well.