Things to Amuse an 11 Month Old

Nannies close to Warwick, RI... I need suggestions on out of the house activities for September when my charges will be 11 months old.


Bethany said...

Try the local library.

They often have play and story times for little kids and it's free.

Aries said...

I grew up in Warwick RI (near the Malls). I now live in Providence RI. For an 11 month old there isn't really too many places aside from parks, etc. But i'll list some below.

City Park - Nice place for summer, you go play on the playground or go for a walk on the walk tracks over there.

Monster Golf - It's on oakland ave, not sure if 11months is two young or not but it has a inside arcade and inside gulf an a perfict place for a childrens parties. Its also glow in the dark.

Cranston Track near ACI (next to warwick) has a playground and track. This place is usually busy esp in the summer due to baseball games at the fields over there.

Elementry School Playgrounds (after school hours only, but its summer so that doesn't apply now.) Different schools have different playgrounds. I no Greenwood Elementry in the Neiborhood across from CrownePlaza has a nice, fairly new built playground. No swings though but that playground would be appealing to an 11 month old.

Keep in mind that it would be alot easier if your charge/child was even a year older. At 11months theres not much to do except walking around and letting the baby get fresh air an explore which is why City Park would be fun.

Also if you happen to drive by the Warwick Mall, just stop in an ride the Carosel with her/him.

Aries said...

Oh an i agree with Annoymous/ R%oger williams has a very nice playground, and the Zoo near by. I was just thinking of places in Warwick. But you're better off going outside of Warwick to get more options.

OceanBlue said...

I've heard good things said about Bellani Maternity baby/toddler classes.

I believe there is a Gymboree and Music together classes in nearby Providence and Cranston if you are allowed to drive.