Day to Day... they Eat, Sleep and Play

Hi all! I'm looking for advice on a daily schedule for a 6 month old including feedings and naps.


chick said...

Hi OP, I will check the baby log out at work tomorrow if I can to confirm this, but here's what my charge was generally doing at 6 months:

7 am - Wake up

7:30 - 8 oz bottle

8:00 - Spoon food (cereal and veg/fruit)


9:30 or so - Naptime, approx 2 hours

11:30 or 12:00 - 8 oz bottle

Play inside or out, outing to playground, etc.

2:30 - Naptime, approx 2 hours

5:00 - 8 oz bottle


6:30 - Spoon Food

7:30 - Bath and bedtime routine

8:00 - 8 oz bottle

8:30 - In bed for the night

bostonnanny said...

Sounds almost identical to my 4month old charge except she takes a 30 min late afternoon nap around 7

CanadaNanny said...

Depending on weather your charge needs 2 or 3 naps you could do something along the following:
2 Naps:(very similar to above, what my charge did at 6 months..but he was a power napper!)
7am- 7oz bottle
830am- cereal
9am-11am-nap/7oz when wake up
1:00-baby food (fruit usually)
1:30-3:30-nap/7oz when wake up
5:30 - dinner (baby food)
6:15-bath/bottle (8oz)
Asleep by 6:45-7:00

3 naps (a lot of 6 month olds need 3 shorter naps):
8:30am- cereal
9:00-10:30- nap (7oz when wake up)
12:30- baby food (fruit)
1-2: nap (7oz when wake up)
5:30: dinner
asleep by 7:30-7:45

MissMannah said...

Baby C just turned 6 months on Monday and here is her general schedule:

6:30 Wake up
7:30 6oz Bottle
8:00-8:30 Nap
9:00 Baby food
10:00 4-6oz Bottle
10:30-11 or 11:30 Nap
12:30 Baby food
1:30 4-6oz Bottle
2:00-2:30 or 3 Nap
4:00 4-6oz Bottle
4:30-5:00 Nap (sometimes)
5:30 Bath
6:30 6oz Bottle and Bedtime

Her naps vary a lot, occasionally she will take a 2 hour nap in the morning and then try to get away with not sleeping the rest of the day. On those days, her mom will skip bathtime and put her down for the night earlier. I try to always get her down for a nap right around 2 hours after she's woken up, any later than that and I've missed the window. We do a lot of playtime in between--she loves the Exersaucer still and is working on crawling. We also take a stroller ride in the early afternoon when it isn't excruciatingly hot out.

Phoenix said...

not to be rude. But why would someone hire a person who hasn't worked with infants? This post kind of freaks me out. Did you lie and tell them you had experience with babies? Because these would be questions that should already be common sense and following the pattern the parents put him on (if they did)

MissMannah said...

I didn't have any experience working with very young infants before this job. My first nanny job, I had a 7 month old and she was the first child under a year I had worked with. It all adds up to experience, most parents understand this.

Bethany said...

I like posts like this. I do have baby experience, but sometimes I get ideas from others in the same boat.

Bethany said...

At 6 months previous charge's schedule was something like:

6:00 am wake up
7:00am 8oz bottle
8:00 am cereal
9:00-11:00am nap
11:00am 8oz bottle
12:00 fruit
1:00-3:00pm nap
3:00pm 8oz bottle
4:00pm vegetable
5:00-5:30 short nap
6:30 bath
7:00 8oz bottle
7:30 bed for night.

Anytime baby wasn't eating or sleeping we played.

Give your charge time to practice crawling , rolling, pulling,reaching,and scooting.
Take her out for walks.
Name things for her.
Sing , talk & read.
I've found 6 months olds I've cared for love toys that make lots of noise and that knock over or roll around, and of course cuddles.

Phoenix said...


but did you come on to the job following the babies routine that was already set-up or did you create your own?

i don't know who is the bad one here. if there is a bad. the nanny being hired with no knowledge of infants or the fact that she needs to create a schedule because the parents are either not sharing it or they don't have one. Which in both cases would make a very fussy baby

Rhiannon said...

Maybe the OP is a new mom? Even with 17 years of nanny experience, I googled schedules a lot when my daughter was born.

If she is a nanny, she could want to compare the schedule her charge is already following with other typical schedules. Maybe something seems off to her.

Or maybe this is her first, there has to be a first time otherwise no one would ever have any experience!

Phoenix said...

I know I understand that everyone needs hands on experience and someone one day will be "the first" just seemed odd to me to not study this information before accepting the position. Course that could be what she is doing. There are no details related to if she is already caring for it.

Maya said...


I do n ot have much infant experience my youngest charge until up until now was a year old and already on a schedule by my arrival.

I talked with the parents about this fact during my interview and they were ok with that.

Now that my charge is about to be 6 months old they would like to get him on a set schedule. I have my own ideas and researched it other places , but wanted to see how it matched with similarily aged kids.

Childcare like any other profession involves research

Maya said...

Also thank you to all who replied. I think I have a good place to start from.

MissMannah said...

Phoenix, I was hired before C was born and started when she was 3 weeks, so way before she was even on a schedule. Her mom and I just kind of worked out one between us that follows with her natural schedule. But like I said before, she's very iffy with her naps so we have to constantly tweak the schedule.

supernanny said...

When I have looked after 6mth old babies their routines have been a bit like this-
7am-awake and breastfeed
8am-breakfast.Usually baby porridge or toast,fruit,cup of water
10-5oz milk
We then usually went out for walk or played at home
3pm-5oz milk, rice cakes
Go for a walk,see friends or play at home
7pm breastfeed,stories and bed