Kid Friendly Clothes

Where do you nannies get your kid/baby friendly clothes?


BKmommy06 said...

I'm a preschool teacher and get all my clothes at Old Navy. I stick with jeans and cotton shirts, basically anything that is functional for sitting on the floor and playing. I only wear things to work that I don't mind getting dirty.

Michelle said...

I tend to buy my clothes at Gap, Nordstrom Rack, Target and Lululemon. I don't buy work specific clothes, I've found that all my clothes are work appropriate and I just make sure that they're machine washable and comfortable to wear all day!

Anonymous said...

I just wear tshirts and jeans

NannyK said...

I work as a high profile nanny, so to dress a little more professionally, I wear nursing scrubs to work. I buy mine at :)

A nanny who cares said...

Old Navy is the BEST place to find clothes. They are cheap, machine washable and super comfortable. I am in love with the fold over waist gaucho pants and capris. I have them in every color!

Thrifty said...

Go to Goodwill or another thrift store. Nannies need comfortable clothes that you really won't care if they get damaged or ruined. I cannot imagine spending money at the Gap or Nordstrom for clothes that are probably going to get spit up on, grass stained, fingerpainted, etc. I see some nannies walking around like they are in a fashion show, and it seems ridiculous. Why worry about fashion when you are with kids?Just get the cheapest stuff you can find. It really doesn't matter what you look like, as long as you are comfortable in all your nanny activities.

I have to say, people who make their nannies wear uniforms seem a little creepy to me. And why do they make you wear scrubs? Nannies aren't doctors or nurses...what was their reasoning there?

bostonnanny said...

I wear want I would normally wear during the day and just carry a tide stick.

For example I'm wearing today a Pair of joes jeans, tank top with built in bra, Tory burch flats and Free people sweater. Every may be expensive but machine washable. I care for an infant and toddler. I make sure the baby always has a bib on and I carry an extra burp cloth, the toddler is very clean and hates getting dirty so she washers her hands after every activity and never wipes crap on me. But even if they did, it's just clothes.

If you want to be comfy just buy a bunch of cheap yoga pants, sneakers and tank tops with build in bras. Add a cheap sweater for colder months.

MissMannah said...

I don't understand why you want to wear special clothes to work, unless you normally wear clubbing clothes. I just wear jeans and t-shirts everyday. Sure, sometimes I'll get spit-up or baby food on them (rarely) but it always comes out.

Student Nanny said...

I too just wear my normal clothes. Forever 21 and H&M probably contribute the largest portion of my wardrobe.

Also, @Thrifty, I consider it part of my job to teach my charges to respect both their own possessions and the possessions of others, which includes not destroying my clothes! Obviously, certain things are unavoidable with young children and babies, but I've never had a charge do anything to an item of clothing that the washing machine couldn't fix.

Bethany said...

I have a seperate wardrobe as well.

Target, Walmart, Family, Dollar, Salvation Army if you want cheap.

I wear yoga pants and t-shirts with really young messers.

Older kids I wear jeans and t-shirts.

There's always scrubs but that can get expensive, and your boss might think it's weird unless you are a nurse.

Make sure the t-shirts don't leave the gals hanging out.

Lyn said...

I own far more yoga pants than any woman should, haha. Usually I where my "normal" clothes: jeans, tee shirts, polos, capris, hoodies, etc. If I know it's going to be a particularly messy day with my charges I have a stash of thirfted shirts to wear with my yoga pants. :)

Not to be rude, but I'm trying to imagine the faces of my Dr db/mb and my husband (a doctor of Pharmacy) if I showed up in scrubs. They all regularly vent about people who "shouldn't" be in medical attire wearing medical attire. My hubs HATES that about his pharmacy techs since techs aren't required to have any schooling past High School.

Beezus said...

EBAY! Best thrift store ever. Other than that, I wear a lot of Old Navy and H&M. Walmart tanks are great for the summer and about 2.99. If you live near a Conway store, you can get a lot of cheap basic t shirts and disposable tanks. Also if you haven't heard of it, is like my new favorite place. All shirts are 6 dollars, and if you get 10, it's 50.00.

The Devil said...

So your hubs is the type to who thinks people should kiss his ass for holding a doctorate?

He isn't even an MD. Probably wishes he was.

Your bosses and your husband should get over themselves.

The Devil said...

Maybe we should require doctors to wear a crown so the rest of the world knows how special they are.

Hell I think they should be required to wear scrubs at all time and on one else should be allowed to wear them.

In fact, we should have color coded scrubs so all the different baranches of health care and medicine can't be confused.

By us lowly commoners.

Lyn said...

Um, actually it bothers him because it takes away from the credibility and respect the Nurses in his hospital get and gives the techs an appearance of having more of a medical background which is a marketing ploy used by many chain Pharmacies that many customers are unaware of. Those are the same reasons he refuses to wear scrubs or his white coat to work himself.
Sorry that what I said previously came across as bitchy. It's very easy to forget that what is written and what is interpreted are sometimes very different things. :)

Bethany said...

I didn't realize alll the controversy scrubs caused until I started talking to nursing friends.

In my previous careers I wore scrubs as a vet tech and lab tech.

I even wore them in my newborn night jobs, though they weren't the serious scrubs, but the cutesie print ones.
I can see how it can be confusing for clients.

Apparently that's why a lot of facilities now have color coded uniform scrubs, so people know who's who.

MissMannah said...

Seriously? Doctors/nurses don't like other people wearing scrubs? Um, they don't own the rights to wear them. I had to wear scrubs at a couple of different daycare jobs and I'm fairly certain no one thought I had a doctorate or nursing certification to work there. I actually really hated wearing them, I thought they were very uncomfortable and way overpriced. I ended up shopping at Goodwill for most of mine.

Bethany said...

Apaprently it's a huge issue in that world.

I agree about the comfort thing. I prefer wearing my yoga pants to scrubs though the tops have some handy front pockets.

nycmom said...

All the normal, down-to-earth doctors I have trained and work with could not care less who wears what. Your dog could wear scrubs for all I care.

It is a ridiculous old medical hierarchy that even extends to us having progressively longer white coats as med students to residents to attendings. Practically, it is slightly useful to identify who you are working with by first sight, but in reality you could also just read their prominent name badge (most hospitals enforce this as it is a violation for highest accreditation) or just ask them.

In my experience, the doctors who care about this are generally surgeons who also suddenly started pronouncing centimeter as sono-meter the moment they hit 3rd year of med school. Or the women who get offended if someone refers to them as a nurse because in their minds this is a profession inferior to being a doctor. Most doctors really do not care who wears scrubs beyond the possibility of avoiding confusion, especially after you complete residency and are confident in your role.

Lyn said...

Beezus, thanks for posting about six dollar shirts! I checked it out last night and ordered more "work shirts" for the summer!

Beezus said...

@Lynn Haha you're going to love them! I just ordered 10 of them last week and I am so impressed their quality.
They wash very well too, just make sure you turn them inside out if you bought ones with prints =)