Nanny/ babysitter - in my home $550- $600 per month (DURHAM) - nanny/ babysitter Needed, NON- SMOKER, NON-DRINKER, BACKGROUND CHECKS/drug screen MAY BE REQUIRED. Flexible schedule. Mon-Fri & alternate weekends- dayshift & evening shift (be flexible), surveillance camera in home. PAY weekly/bi-weekly. Must have own means of transportation PLS READ this "AD" before responding. Start asap- No sick applicants pls. "may be allowed to bring child to work- conditions apply" No scams-SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!
Submitted by Faielyne. Thank you!


Bethany said...

Oh wow! This is interesting.

I wonder how many kids they want care for.

Aries said...

They're leaving out how many hours a week an how many kids need care. Not much detail so i'm going to assume this parent wants fulltime good quality care for her little runts. She'll probably expect a little bit of housecleaning outside of any childcare related duties. Also she's probably hoping she can get away with not paying for the errands/activties/gas milage because any parents that DOES plan to pay for the little extras, always write it.

luckoftheirish said...

Oh, I bet she expects her nanny to be on call 24/7. Without preset days & times agreed upon prior to employment, there is about a 100% chance that

A.)The employer will expect the nanny to be on call, without just compensation.
B.)The hours & income will become a major source of contention for both parties.

No food?! How insulting & cheap! Good luck with this one, lol.

WashingtonNanny said...

How do we submit a wtf Craigslist?! I just found one that's crazy!

MaryPoppin'Pills said...


Send your Submissions to:

New New York Nanny said...

I miss CL-WTF please bring it back

erica said...

This IS cl-wtf!