Entertaining Baby

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Just started a job caring for a 3 month old. I don't have much experience caring for babies and what some ideas for activities when baby's not sleeping.


MissMannah said...

Congrats! I think babies are the best--but I'm biased because my charge is almost 4 months, and I think she is so much fun. Here's some things we do daily:

*Stroller rides around the neighborhood. She loves being outside and I will talk about what we see and point out birds, etc.

*Tummy time on the floor--this is important for muscle development. I put some of C's toys around her and get down on the floor with her and encourage her to lift her head up. She is just now trying to roll over too. When she's lying on her back, she loves having me pull her into a sitting position and eventually into standing. Yours might be too young for this still.

*Playmat--C can lie on her back and bat around at her toys forever. Especially the rattly ones. I don't keep batteries in her playmat because the jingles and light-up things drives me nuts, but she still loves it. If your charge has a mobile over his/her crib, this is also a good activity. Babies this age love watching moving objects. Even just moving a toy back and forth and letting her track it with her eyes is good.

*Swing/exersaucer/bumbo--I use these sparingly because I see them as just "baby holders". Yours might be too young for anything but the swing anyway. C is really starting to love the exersaucer because it has spinning things on it she can play with, but I'll always be on the floor with her and only leave her in it for like 10 minutes.

Tina said...

Thanks Mannah! My little guy loves looking at things while on his back.

Hopefully we can go for walks soon once the weather stays warm.

ericsmom said...

Even if its a little chilly out you can still go out. Alot of strollers you can attach the carseat too. So you can put an extra blanket on the baby and go out. Even around the neighborhood. I live in NJ when my son was 3 weeks old I started taking him and myself out for walks, lol. I would attach the carseat and made sure he was dressed appropriately and had a blanket or a Bundle me on the carseat. It will do you a world of good to get out. Sometimes I would sit at Starbucks and relax. Go in the grocery store, etc.
This was during the first week of February. We had alot of snow then as well.

oh and my son enjoyed the swing as well

Tina said...

I would take him out now, but his mom doesn't want him out yet so I have to comply.

I will happily take him out once I get the okay from her.

ericsmom said...

Tina I understand. I am sorry : (

You must be going stir crazy.

Hopefully in the next week or two she will feel comfortable.

nanny b said...

Tummy time, playing on the mat, walks, and even reading books
I watch a 6 month old and we sit and talk lol she babbles I babble back

Tina said...

It is tough being stuck inside all day especially om sunny days, but I remind myself it's not forever.

He's a little cutie and very easy going so I can't complain too much.

No babbling yet but his little coos and smiles are the best.

Do you have any favorite books or songs?

When you do tummy time do you try and do little exercises with the baby?

This is all new to me most of my previous charges have been no younger than 15 months.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I'm pasting in an answer I offered up recently regarding the care of infants, and will also address your questions.

1) Hold them and talk to them. Sing to them. Make eye contact.
2) Place them on their backs on a blanket indoors or out. Let them watch a ceiling fan, or the leaves in a tree. Hold toys up for them to bat at with hands and feet. Help them roll to one side and place toys in their view. Roll them to the other side and do the same.
3) Place them on their bellies and encourage them to practice holding their heads up. Place toys in front of them, or lie down and engage them as they do baby "push-ups".
4) Talk to them as you carry them around their house, commenting on what you see. Let them stare at pictures, knick-knacks, the family dog.
5) Talk to them. Talk to them some more. Engage with them. If they start to cry and turn away, place them on their backs to look around at the world, as suggested in (2) above.
6) Remember that children of all ages can and do love interaction and do respond to you. Kids who do not get interaction do wind up less responsive and interactive. No "normal" child is an unresponsive lump.

Books - Anything by Sandra Boynton is great, or any sort of large picture book. I also like "Goodnight Moon", and the "Brown Bear,Brown Bear" books

Music - anything you'd play for older kids is fine for infants. you can sit him in front of you and do songs with hand motions.

Tummy time is a good time to do any sort of fun stuff that helps strengthen their core muscles and their arms.

Enjoy your charge!

MissMannah said...

Oh it sucks that you guys can't go outside yet! It has been nice and warm around here so we've gone out everyday and I relish that time. Even just holding her in my arms in the backyard for a couple of minutes can calm her down when she's fussy...though not today, I'm not really sure why we're meltdown city today. I even had to bend my own rules and let her nap in the swing and I very rarely do that.

utnanny said...

baby yoga
tummy time
practice rolling over
baby massage
finger or hand puppets

Either carry baby or put him in a carrier and dance around the house to different music

Reading - I agree with Tales anything by Sandra Boynton is great. We make time every day to read some board books with her sitting on my lap, but I also read more advanced books like The Jungle Book, The Princess Bride or Peter Pan while she is laying on a blanket next to me. The more advanced books are good for their language development.

Take baby into the bathroom or bedroom where there is a large mirror. Sit in front of it or hold them close so they can see themselves.

Tie or tape some ribbons, fabric, or streamers onto a wooden spoon and dangle them gently over and in front of baby's face.

Take a floaty scarf and fling it into the air, letting it settle baby's head, or just dance it around above baby's face

I know you said you can't take him out for activities, but can you at least take him out onto a balcony or back yard?

When he gets a little older you can try bubbles and even introducing smells to him (lotions, candles, or even stuff from the spice cabinet) Watch for signs that baby might be overstimulated and ready for a break. At this age their attention span is around 5-20 minutes.

Bethany said...

Putamayo or however it's spelled is one of music favorites.

Also Raffi, even though he's fallen out of fashion.

Talk about what you're doing as you're doing it be it changing his diaper or fixing a bottle, putting on your shoes. Talk about what he's doing like kicking his legs, waving his arms.

If he babbles, babble right back.

Use books with realistic pictures not just cartoon pictures

Use songs that involve parts of the body like Head & Shoulders.

You can even make one specific to the thing he sees in his every day life.

Explore different textures on his skin soft cloth, crinkly cloth

Realize that every baby just like older people likes different things and find different things interesting so try different thing and see what he responds too.

Have fun babies are the best!