Wording a Contract

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How do you word a contract so parents know I expect the same rate of pay even if a child is napping or in school? I set my rate based on the total number of children I'm responsible for at any time during work hours. For example my rate for two kids is $16/hr. I will have the baby all day and the 5 year old half day. What words should I use so parents don't think I'll drop to $14/hr (my single child rate) for half day?


Phoenix said...

in your contract you tell them that you are an exempt employee not one who works hourly. You will need to make it slightly higher than what you make an hour to adjust for times that they arrive late.

you can say

My job description includes:

Preparing meals for children only
Washing only childs laundrey
4 hours of learning play each day
30 min of physcial activity
...and you add to the list.

Then you discuss your employee reimbrusment expenses:
Need to be compensated for gas
Any money spent out of your pocket
Split the car maintenance
...add more...

Then your pay:
As an exempt employee I should be paid a salary of $x.xx bi-weekly or weekly. My salary is based on all times when I am at work which includes and is not limited to. Being in the employers house, proprty...add more... When the children are napping or in school this is still considered part of my working day and it doesn't exclude me from reduced salary. Because during this time I am responsible for the well-being of the children and am still responsible.
During my employement we have agreed upon X number of sick/vacation time. If the family decides to take a vacation they need to inform the nanny at least 2 weeks before they leave. During this time (if the nanny doesn't go) you will be paid a reduced rate of 50% of your salary while they are out of town.
...add more...

These are some ideas. I can write up an contract for you but I don't know your job descriptions or pay expectations to do that. Otherwise I would give you the exact wording you should use. Also keep it handy for other families. keep an open mind and you may have to haggle some of the things but it should be a give and take situation for both parties

Phoenix said...

oh yes. And don't forget to add in your contract that they are responsible for paying FICA and Medicare tax. And if you want them to take out your federal and state taxes you need to tell them what your witholding percentage is.

Momwest said...

You can request that your employer withholds income taxes but they are not required to do so.

Phoenix said...

the employers have to withold FICA and medicare. That is not an option. Only fed and state are options on whether or not to take out of check

N is for Nanny said...

I would have your contract state that your rate of pay for is $x/hr for hours up to 40/wk and $1.5x/hr for hours that exceed 40.

If the parents ask (e.g., you've previously sat for them at the one-child rate) I would suggest telling them that you view yourself as employed by the family with two children. Regardless of the number of children in your direct care, during all hours, you are available for both children and expect that you are "on call" when 5 is in school. If you do child laundry/cooking/organizing, you also expect to be doing 5's, regardless if s/he is in school and if you are responsible for transporting 5 to/from school, that is going to impact your day as well. Most parents I've talked or worked with would rather have an easy/consistent check and happy nanny at the end of the week than save $20.