2 Bad Nannies: Chase Park and Lapsit Story Time at Bezazian Library, Chicago

BAD nanny sighting 2012
Hello, I've been reading this site for a month now, and I love it! I am currently a nanny for a wonderful, beautiful 11 month old boy in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. My charge and I like to go on walks and to the park frequently, so we see many things.

1st Incident: We are at Chase park often, and on Monday 11/21, we saw something awful. My charge was in a baby swing having the time of his life when a nanny walked in, talking on her cell phone. The whole 40 minutes we were there, it never left her ear. I believe the nanny was polish, because I live in a polish neighborhood and recognized a few words. One child was a few years old, maybe three. She had pink pants on and a pink puffy coat. There was also a baby, maybe six months old, in a Maclaren stroller. She had an adorable green full-body coat and a pink hat. I thought the nanny's phone was a problem until I saw the events that unfolded next. The nanny had been walking aimlessly with the stroller until she spotted the older girl by one of the shorter slides. She yelled at her with a very harsh tone. She said "I told you to stay off the equipment!" It's my feeling that she just didn't want to watch the child. I felt terrible. At that point, I sat with my charge on an adult swing. The nanny pushed the stroller over to the swings and told the older girl to get on and told her to stay there. She then walked all the way over to the picnic tables by the entrance and parked herself and her phone down. While the infant was still by the swings. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it a nanny's job to engage children in play, and watch them at all times?

2nd Incident: My charge and I also love going to Lapsit Story Time on Thursdays at Bezazian Library. The first time we were there, we encountered a nanny, whom I do not know the name of. She sat next to me, with her charge, Jasper. Jasper is just adorable. My charge crawled right up to his stroller and would not stop smiling at him. After the Story Time, Jasper's nanny turned to me and made small talk. Then she asked me "Do you like his (meaning my charge's) parents?" I told her yes, I love them. (They really are amazing. We have so much in common and they're the sweetest, most thoughtful people). She seemed a little disappointed at my response, but went on to complain about her family. She complained to me for 10 minutes while I was trying to tend to my charge. (He had now begun stealing puppets from children). What really got me angry however, was the end of this one way conversation. She began making remarks about her charge's weight. Saying his parents feed him too much and she said he's not cute. (He's actually adorable). She began making jokes about his weight. Soon, Jasper began crying. She threw him in the stroller. She was so rough. He cried even harder. If my charge was crying, I would be there to comfort him. This incident happened the Thursday before Halloween, on 10/27. I know I'm late with this, but I've been debating whether or not to send it in. I decided I should last Thursday, when she had found another nanny to complain to.


BrooklynMomma said...

The first sighting is sad. I agree with OP, a nanny's job IS to engage and watch the children, not yap on the phone while the kids are unattended.

The second sighting... I have to agree with hm. it sounds gossipy more than anything.

I hope the parents from the first sighting are made aware of whats going on with their nanny.

ericsmom said...

The second one can be a problem as the child grows up. Especially, if she makes these comments to the child as he grows up. Not good for his self confidence.

Honestly, when she was talking to you, she probably just needed someone to vent too. Everyone does, when I babysat if I found another nanny to talk to it always entailed how are job was, our boss, etc. Moms do it all the time as well. They complain too about their childcare providers and jobs, husbands to other moms.

OP said...

I understand that my story may have sounded "gossipy". I guess everyone vents about their job at some point in life. I've worked for some not so great people in the past. But I have never insulted a child as she did and I'm also upset at the way she handles thar poor baby by throwing him in the stroller. That should not have happened. If she treats him like that in public, imagine how she treats him at home.

Manhattan Nanny said...

The first nanny is not doing her job, period.

I can understand why the OP was concerned about the second nanny. Being a nanny can sometimes be exhausting and stressful. I would be worried about how a nanny who is so unhappy in her job treats the child at those times. She clearly has a negative attitude not just toward her employers, but toward her charge, and that means at best he isn't getting the loving care his parents should expect.

Good post OP, I hope someone who knows these families sees it.

Psyber Chica said...

I think both are legit sightings. There is a child in my life who is really annoying, but there is no way I'd ever let them hear my thoughts. I always offer words of encouragement to this child. This child is going to have serious self esteem issues.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I think these are two well-written and informative sightings. In the first sighting, I can't believe the Nanny admonishes a child for "being on the equipment.." WTF?? As for the second, it breaks my heart that a Nanny would say something so mean about her charge.

Both of these Nannies should be let go.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely cruel to bring child to a playground and not allow them to play even a little bit. Cruel. And why on earth would she leave a child and an infant on the other side of the park? Why can't they sit by her? That is not only mean, it's dangerous.

I also agree that speaking about one's charge in such a derogatory manner is a very bad sign, both for what goes on behind closed doors now, and for how the nanny will make the child feel about himself once he is old enough to understand.