Update: Catty Cop

This is the OP from the post listed here:

I just wanted to update everyone on the situation. I sent numerous texts (all saved/screenshot) to my former boss (FB from this point on, just to save time) and did not receive responses. Because my actual payday would have been October 1st, I decided to give her until October 5th to send a check. I told her all of this in texts/voicemails during the first week of October. On the 5th, I took my information to the local court and filed a small claim against her for the $220 I'm owed. Afterward, I sent her one last text that said, "I waited until the 5th and had to assume you were not going to pay me. I have filed a claim and will talk to you about the issue in court." That night, she left me a voicemail (my phone never rang, though, because I was out of range when she called - I would've answered otherwise,) saying that since I "didn't come to pick up my check on the 1st", she had sent it out that day and I would receive it shortly.

I waited a few days and even called the court to see what I should do if I receive this payment, but on the 10th I received a certified check for HALF the amount she owed me, with a handwritten note on it that said "PAID IN FULL". Obviously I did not cash this check. I tucked it away with all my other "evidence", because I know if I cash that check she'll hold it against me that I was "paid" and cannot harass her anymore. My original court date was set for November 21st, but that was pushed back because she refused to sign my certified letter (serving her) and then when I tried to serve her myself (with a friend) I couldn't seem to catch her at the house. Now the date is pushed back to December 12th. I'm going to have to spend more money paying a service to come serve her because she has managed to elude me this entire time.

Things are getting annoying, but I'm determined to keep the court date and really fight for this money. I did find a new job (not as a nanny, for the first time in almost a decade) and am very happy with my life, but this one thing is really bothering me because I was flat out taken advantage of and treated like garbage. I'm hoping she shows up for court and I can look her in the eye as the judge reads her texts aloud, the ones where she acknowledges how much she owes me. I'm livid with the situation, but I've got a good feeling about mid-December. Nannies need to stand up for themselves and I'm doing my part in that.

Just wanted to keep you guys all updated! I'll let you know how court goes/cross your fingers for me!


SarahNY said...

Thanks for the update! Nail her to the wall :) You should ask the court to also have her reimburse you for the fees you incurred serving her and any other money you needed to spend on the case.

Amy said...

Yes, by doing what you are doing, you are showing that Nannies do stand up to themselves.

I know you are probably paying out of pocket expenses and utilizing a lot of time to do this, but it is all about principle.

You go Girl!!~

Manhattan Nanny said...

Good for you! If she doesn't show up, I think they automatically find in your favor.
GL and let us know how it goes.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I commend you on doing what many people are too lazy or uninformed to do. You are taking the necessary steps to get what is rightfully yours, regardless of cost and time. I all boils down to principle here and I can't believe this woman paid you half, then claimed it was paid in full. What a con-artist.

Yes, OP..keep us all posted on the outcome. My gut feeling says she probably will not show up in court and I think if she doesn't, it will automatically rule in your favor. I hope you also get court costs and lost wages as well. This cop needs the book thrown at her.

Phoenix said...

Good for you! I am so happy that you are going after her. She should just pay you the full amount owed. What an idiot.

RBTC said...

you are to be commended - you are helping the rest of us learn - the sign of an excellent nanny

another nanny said...

Good for you! Seriously this story inspires me. good luck!

Noelle said...

Keep track of your attempts to serve her, then you can apply for alternate service, like publication in the newspaper. Also - do not cash the check!! Not because she will hold it against, but because in some states, it is considered an enforceable contract if you cash check that has "paid in full" written on it and you would not be able to sue for the remainder. Good luck!