a day in the life 3 By Nanny Caroline
8:55am: Walk in the house, put my lunch away, greet MB and Baby, chat about what Baby has done since he woke up.
9:00am: MB goes to work in her home office after hugging and kissing Baby. Baby looks a bit sad when she leaves, but is quickly happy to play with me.
9-9:30am: Floor time. Baby can roll all around and can scoot backwards quite well. Still working on forward crawling. I encourage him to reach for things.
9:30-9:45am: I put him in the jumper. He loves that! I sit in front of him and smile and say "jump jump jump yay!"
9:45-10am: Song time. I put him in his chair and sing to him. He loves the ones with fingerplays best. He will smile and make noise and grab my fingers.
10am: Time for a nap. I change his diaper, put him in his crib, put on his white noise, read him one little book, then a hug and kiss.
10-11am: While he naps I watch "Supernanny" (love that show!) and have a snack. I check my email and texts. Do my homework if I have some. Write in his log.
About 11am: Baby wakes up. I go and get him out of the crib, check his diaper, take off his sleepsack. He grabs my face happily and makes noises.
11:30am: Baby is hungry so I take him to his mom for feeding. I sometimes need to take the dog out during this time. Otherwise I just chill and wait in the playroom.
11:45am: Mom delivers him back for solid food time. Sometimes she sticks around for a little nice chat while I feed him.
12pm: Clean baby up and change his diaper.
12pm-12:15pm: Baby digests and relaxes in his chair with stuff in front of it. He loves the pig best. He will giggle when I make it oink.
12:15pm-12:25pm: Story time. He is quite good at sitting now, and I sit behind him and put books in front of him and read them. Sometimes he just wants to eat them.
12:25pm-12:55pm: More floor time. We have a great giggly fun time. He is a very happy baby.
Around 1pm, time for another nap. Same routine.
1-2pm: While he naps I eat my lunch, relax, chat with mom some when she comes out of her office.
2pm: Baby wakes up. I go and get him and we go outside and sit on the deck for a few minutes. He loves being outside.
2:05pm: When we get back inside, Baby is hungry, so I deliver him to Mom.
2:05pm-2:15pm: Might have to take the dog out. Otherwise check email and such.
2:15pm: Mom delivers him back to me. We talk about Baby's progress in Floor time.
2:15-3:55pm: Same things as the morning. He is a wonderful baby.
3:55-4:05pm: He is hungry again, so I deliver him to her, she feeds him and he gets sleepy, so she puts him down for his nap.
4:05pm-4:45pm: He naps, I do some more homework, have a snack.
4:45pm: Baby wakes up. I go and get him, change his diaper one more time, and take the whole diaper bin and empty it.
4:45-5pm: One more song and cuddle time.
5:05pm: Mom is done with work, I greet Dad if he is home by then, and then I go home.


NannyChelle said...

I watch supernanny during downtime as well, I think Jo is simply amazing!

Karen said...

I wonder why OP sits inside all day. Does the family own a stroller so you can go for a walk with the baby, or do you prefer to sit inside all day?

When I babysit babies I try to be outside as much as possible.

nannyalice said...

Maybe op isn't allowed to. I've interviewed with families that for one reason or another nanny isn't allowed to leave the house with the babies. I always decline those jobs. Outside time is the best!

OP said...

Supernanny Jo is the greatest! I want to be like her. And I am allowed to take him out, we do sit on the deck weather permitting. We don't usually go for a walk because there isn't really a place to go. When he gets older I will drive him to a park. We also go to the library reading time for babies when he is awake for it.

Nanny1 said...

You don't have to have a place to go to when you take the baby out for a walk. You can take a nice walk around the neighborhood .It would be a nice change of scenery for you and the baby.

OP said...

True, I will try to take him out more when the weather is good. :-D

umm said...

I think the last post (before this one) is a spammer! Please delete.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Thanks Umm, we got hit pretty bad yesterday.