opinion 2 I am interviewing for a new position to work with my class schedule and I met a family who would like me to co-homeschool their 6 year old. I would work MWF 8-3 and MB would be planning all lessons and working with him T/TH. Has anyone ever done this before and what problems have you encountered? They seem like a good fit but I've never done any sort of homeschooling before.



Bostonnanny said...

Nanny bee,
I haven't done home schooling before but I believe there are multiple ways to go about it. I think a curriculum can be provided by the school system or created by the parent. Personally I would be wary of a parent creating the curriculum who doesn't have a background in education but that's my personal thoughts.

I could see this situation as being fun if the mother is kind and open to new ideas but it could also go very downhill because at age six, school is still a lot about self control, social interaction and hands on learning. I couldn't see a six year old sitting quietly for hours just doing workbooks.

Could tell us more about the curriculum she is planning and her daily schedule?

Nanny S said...

Honestly, this sounds great to me. A few thoughts.. First, you don't have to do all the planning but you will have to prepare to teach, and regular teachers are compensated for this through salary. I would figure out how many hours you'll need to set aside to look over the material and lesson plans and ask to be compensated for that and you'll do it on your own time. All I'd advise is to make sure you really like/know how to teach/tutor. It can require much more skill and patience than people might think. I would anticipate the child getting antsy from sitting and learning. First grade involves a lot of play time and free time so incorporate a structure that does not require him to sit inside for long periods at a time. Good luck!

Sarah said...

I think it could be fun, if the family is a good match for you. I'm a qualified teacher but homeschool my current (preschool) charges. I think you need to sit down and discuss the curriculum. Your teaching methods don't have to be the same because the difference learning styles will actually benefit the child. You should also look into homeschool groups in the area to join and make sure that you will be allowed plenty of outings to supplement learning.
I don't believe in sitting down and being taught at this age. It is much better to follow the interests of the child, tailor learning around daily activities, read lots, play and activities, painting, crafts, outings etc

Abby Jensen said...

At 6, he is young enough for you to be able to handle the material. Most homeschoolers use a curriculum, either in print or online, which would make it easier. I would want to be sure they were using a curriculum, and also that you have the option to go places and take field trips. I would also expect a substantially higher salary.

Ashley said...

I am a homeschool parent, I wanted to throw my 2 cents in on this. I use for my 3 children, Bob Jones University Press Curriculum. It is the same curriculum a vast number of private religious based schools use. (Theres a number of them but BJU and Abeka are the primary) With this curriculum the only planning on my part is to have my worksheets photocopies (I dont want to write in the work books for future use by younger chilren) and for science and heritage to make sure I have the required items on hand for the hands-on projects. Its fairly easy truth be told.