How Do I Say Goodbye?

opinion 2 I have been working for a family for almost two years now and it is time for me to move on. I don't know how to break the news - I know that simply putting in a "two-week notice" won't suffice because I have grown to love the children and the parents have treated me very well. I am set to start a new job in three weeks and just don't know how to tell the parents and, more importantly - the children, that I am leaving. Suggestions?


Truth Seeker said...

This may be none of my business...but why are you leaving? Did you find a higher paying position? Or did you have some misgivings about your current position?

Anyways, since you have a position that will start in three weeks, I would go ahead and let your family know ASAP. No reason needs to be given, however I think after two years they will want an explanation. That is why I asked why you are leaving.

When you talk to the children, let them know you will still be in their lives. If they are old enough to use a telephone, give them your phone number and let them know they can call you whenever they miss you. Also, try to leave on good terms (not always easy!) so you can come back and visit the children later on.

You can also make a Good-bye Homemade card for the kids and/or give them a picture of all of you together so they can look at it when you are gone. ♥ ♥

Kaling said...

I left the boys I nannied for 3 years just over a year ago. I STILL miss them. They are now 5 and 3. I started when the oldest was a year old.

A better job opportunity outside of the childcare world fell into my lap and it would have been foolish to turn it down. I had a wonderful relationship with the parents and telling them was hard. I was nervous and feared that they'd be angry and upset and forbid me from seeing the boys ever again. They weren't, they were understanding and even happy for me.

It's been hard. I have only seen them twice in the last year and I hate that. I think a part of me will always miss them. I sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" to the baby every day before nap time while I rocked him. I can't listen to that song anymore without it ending with tears streaming down my face. They will always be my boys. Always.

♥♥ Leslie ♥♥ said...

@Kaling...that is so sweet. You sound like a wonderful Nanny to those boys and they were lucky to have had the time they did have with you. However, if a better opportunity fell in your lap, it would be unwise to let it slip through your fingers at the time. Sure we all LOVE our charges with all of our hearts, however we also must do what is best for us and our own families.

Perhaps you can friend the parents on Facebook so you can have access to their children's pics as they grow. That is what I did and I love watching my former charge get older and learn new things! (Most parents use Facebook to post pics of their growing babies) Of course, common sense dictates that you MUST be on good terms with the family first. Hahahahahahaha.....

calinanny said...

i left my job a week ago because my employers were mean and crazy, i cant wait to post the story on this site. i loved the kids but i am glad i left.