DB Dragging His Feet on WA

opinion 2 I have been a nanny for lets call them Family A for the past 8 months and Family B wanted to do a nanny share. So both families wrote up the agreement and we sat down to discuss it. Some changes were to be made before I started the work agreement.

Family A, DB was suppose to be the one making the changes and when I asked him last week where was the work agreement he just smiled and said he hasn't gotten to it. It was only two changes that were supposed to be made (the rate and the overtime) it takes a total of maybe 3-5 min.

This week is week [b]THREE into the nanny share and he told me that he still doesn't have it. At this point I am a little annoyed and do not feel comfortable continuing without it...

Nannies, MB, DB, SAHM, WOHP, please give me some advice.


MissMannah said...

I going to just assume that all three (both sets of parents and you) got together to make the situation mutually agreeable and now all your wanting is for it all to be on paper so it is "official" and everyone can sign it. So my question is, why does DB A have to write it up? He's dragging his feet because it doesn't mean much to him. (let's face it, the contract is to protect you more than him) So you type it out, and just do the couple of tiny changes but make sure everything else is the same so it doesn't look like you're being presumptuous. Then ask parents to sign it while saying something like "Oh I know you've been busy so I went ahead and got this little thing out of the way."

MissMannah said...

PS: I should point out that the nanny writing up the contract is not presumptuous in the slightest but your Dadboss might think that because he wrote up the original and you asked him already to write up the second one. Just wanted to clarify.

Anonymous said...

Then don't. Tell them no agreement today, no nanny tomorrow. Or give them till the end of the week. But leave if you don't get it. They don't like the terms, and they don't want it in force, is my guess.

I think you are one smart nanny, and I'm proud as punch you are standing up for all nannies, because that is what you are doing when you don't let an employer take advantage of you.

You go girl!

Truth Seeker said...

I agree w/Village. Tell them you need it typed up, agreed upon and signed ASAP and if he does not, then you do not feel comfortable working until it is. Also, you can volunteer to type it up..offer to and see what his reaction is. Bet that will make him act quickly.

Good job for standing up for yourself. Us Nannies need to do this as we deserve a fair contract just like any other employee.

Good Luck to you OP.

Phoenix said...

do you have the old aggreement? Why don't you type up the new and have him/them/you sign it. Tell him that you needed it typed up and that he was taking too long. It sounds like he is just procrastinating because he doesn't think that it is that important.

♥♥ Leslie ♥♥ said...

I agree with you Phoenix. It isn't on Dad's list of priorities now which irks me since it is very important to this Nanny.

No Nanny. Period. Plain and Simple.