Gift of Thanks Suggestions?

opinion 2 Hi, I'd love the help of your blog followers. My family has had a fabulous nanny for the last 6 years and she only has 2 weeks left with our family. Both my kids are in school full time now :(. I want to give her an awesome gift of thanks for the love and care she's given my children and to show her how much we appreciate her. Nothing seems appropriate for what she's given to us. Jewelry? A weekend away with her boyfriend? I don't know!!! What would you like?! Thank you! Renee (aka 'Sooooooo sad to loose our nanny from CA')


Manhattan Nanny said...

Unless you know of something she really wants/needs, I would give money, plus a small gift from each child, and have them make cards. I always love receiving things my charges make for me. A card from you expressing how much you have valued her will mean a lot.

duh said...

If you really value her as you say, you give her money.

If you don't, you're full of shit.

FABI said...

Give to her money, so she can buy herself a gift.

MissMannah said...

Money is such an impersonal gift! I would suggest giving a gift and a going away bonus, to show your appreciation. You have to personalize it to your own nanny. Jewelry is a lovely idea, but only if you know for certain she wears it. I love receiving jewelry because it is beautiful, but I always end up selling it because I never wear it. If you know she hasn't taken a trip lately and that she wants to, get her a gift voucher for an airline or hotel or something like that. But if she's not a traveller or if her boyfriend can't ever get away from work, this is also a bad idea.

If you really aren't sure and you think it would be safest to let her pick out her own gift, maybe try a gift card to her favorite store. Or a gift card to a movie theatre. I just think throwing cash at someone is a tacky way of saying "thanks for the past 6 years."

And yes, having the children make a gift for her is a great idea! And something she will cherish forever.

Anonymous said...

CASH, and lots of it. For six years of service keeping your life manageable and raising your kids, at least a grand. At $250 a year, that's $1,500. She gave 312 weeks of her life to your family. A $100 a week thank you is $3,120. Tons of cash. That's the ticket. And speaking of tickets, she can buy her own tickets to somewhere, if she likes. She might be saving for a house. (What a concept. They aren't basically free anymore.)

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I think a large cash gift (Traditionally, 1 weeks pay per year with you.) is the way to go, along with a smaller gift from you and your SO (spa day, Amazon GC, etc. - something tailored to her likes) and small gifts from the kids (a picture they drew, a painted piece of pottery, a scrapbook of the years they've spent with her, etc.)

And you need to give her a card with your written thanks and appreciation!

The two gifts I've gotten over the years that mean a lot to me are painted pottery bowls from 2 nanny share families, and a personalized photo book from another family.

RBTC said...

i had been with a family for a year and had to quit to run my own business - they gave me a weeks pay - i was surprised and happy. money may be impersonal but it cannot fail to be a winner any time anywhere

Op - i apologize for the sporadic poster who is not up to snuff!

Lola said...

Village, I believe $100 a week would be $31,200 and that $3,120 is $10 a week. Now $31,200, THAT would be QUITE the thank you, dont ya think? ;)

nanny barb said...

I would definitely appreciate the cash..while I would be grateful for anything! That way she can do what she wants with it...get a new phone, clothes, whatever..and also it would be nice to send along a gift certificate for her nails or something (if she does that) or a movie card or something..or a kindle if she doesn't have one. I would think 2 weeks pay is phenomenal!

I nannied 2 kids for 8 years..did not get so much as a card when that job was feelings were so hurt!

Nannycaroline said...

I agree, cash is great. A picture of the kids or a scrapbook is nice too. But the most important is be willing to be a great reference for her. She will appreciate that a lot.

Nanny Maria said...

I disagree with Miss Mannah about the cash issue. Who doesn't love getting money? There isn't a soul alive who thinks cash is too impersonal and will be offended if someone throws it to him or her!! C'mon Miss in reality Honey. Geez.

I would give her cash, and as much as you can. Also, a nice card and picture of your children from your children would be icing on the cake. Make sure you let her know you will be a reference for her for future positions and offer to write her a letter of recommendation as well.

You sound like a wonderful employer who truly values what a great impact a Nanny has on a child's life. Kudos to you and I hope your Nanny can find another family as great as you are! ♥

Amber said...

I also disagree with Miss Mannah. Who on this planet doesn't want cash money? Miss Mannah you must be living on another planet. LOL. ◄

Floor dweller said...

My job of eight years recently ended. The
Youngest started kindergarten. The family
Took me on a two week vacation with them.
(they paid for everything and I didn't have
To watch the kids at all). I felt this was a
generous gift). Although I'm sure most
nannies would appreciate a cash bonus.
From my understanding the standard is
one weeks at for every year of service.

Floor dweller said...

I meant one weeks pay for every year of

♥♥ Leslie ♥♥ said...

I prefer cash money, but a vacation isn't too shabby either guys.

MissMannah said...

I'm really surprised to hear I'm in the minority. I guess I do live on another planet.

You'll notice I did say to give her a bonus along with a personal gift. It is customary to give severance pay and as this nanny was well-loved and was there for 6 years, she deserves a good bonus. But that is not ALL she deserves and I would hope after 6 years the family would have taken the time to get to know her and what she likes or needs.

NannyPoppins said...

I personally would love a special gift from the children. A photo book of the children (especially ones that include pictures of the nanny and the kids) would be a very nice present. Homemade cards/crafts may by the children is also great! Nothing is more sweet and personal than receiving a child. The parents should also include a gift whether it's a "bonus" check, a special paid "getaway" for her and her boyfriend at a B&B, or even a special necklace/bracelet would be nice. But definitely a personal gift from the children and a gift from the parents would be great. Also do not forget to add in a card/letter of appreciation for all the hard work she put into your family. :)

JustPeachy said...

While cash is always a good way to go, and always appreciated, make sure to give her something personal as from the kids, a hand written thank you note, etc.
When I left my family after 5 years, I was given a small cash gift, which was great, as well as other things I recieved that meant so much to me. I got a handwritten thank you from the parents, and something special from each of the kids, handmade, of course. :)
but I will say........the most valuable thing I think I have received is that even after 3 years since my departure, we still keep in close contact and they still show me how much they appreciated me. Birthday gifts and love notes are still plenty. I moved far away, and the family still buys me a round trip ticket every year, just to come and visit with them. I love being able to see my kids as they grow, and that we are still so close.

UKBIRD said...

Money! My boss presented me with a Pandora bracelet loaded with charms. Each charm represented something special between the family and I such as a heart because the boys love me, a snowflake represents the winters spent in Utah, a flip flop for our beach vacations etc. It meant a lot as a lot of thought was put into it!

pronanny said...

Definitely cash and a little something special from each child!

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