Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn Heights, NY

bad nanny sighting I saw a nanny this morning around 11am (Wednesday, August 17th) at the Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn Heights. She was African American, older and slightly overweight. Her charge was 11 months old, blond Charlotte. She was strapped in a red Bugaboo stroller the entire time - about one hour. She desperately wanted to come out and was kicking, etc. The nanny, however, would not allow her to come out at all. The baby girl just wanted to play with the other kids - it is so safe there, she could have just kept her on the lawn and continued her phone conversations. Was this some sort of punishment? For an 11-month old? Seems very unreasonable and mean.


Truth Seeker said...

Yes, this was very mean. To keep an 11 mos old child strapped in a stroller for an hour is abusive in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing. Hope someone sees this and tells the parents.

mama said...

Aw, poor little girl, that broke my heart a little. My daughter is 10 months old and I can't even imagine how distraught she'd be if I wouldn't let her out of her stroller. An hour is a long time to a child this small, it must have felt like torture for her to hear and see the other children but not be able to participate or even get out and move. If this was a form of punishment that is just sick. I hope she gets fired.

Vida Starr said...

I think you are being a little judgmental tho. I have been asked to walk my charges to the park and walk them around but I was told not to let them play in the park because it was "too dangerous" even though it's a pretty safe space to play. You have no idea what this nanny was told to do.