Battery Park Playground - NY

bad nanny sighting I saw a something very disturbing late this afternoon at around 5pm or 5:30 at the large play ground in battery park. I saw a group of nannies talking and there was a young boy around 2 years old in a stroller by himself. The stroller tipped backward with the boy in it and the boy fell out on his head. The nanny was not paying any attention to the boy but finally realized that he fell out and went over to him and picked him up his wrists so he was hanging with all of his weight on his shoulders. The nanny was dark skinned and was socializing with a group of about three or four other nannies. It was near the younger sand part of the park. It was quite disturbing. I believe the nanny was wearing a dark blue shirt.
To the OP, I received your message in MEEBO. Unfortunately, it does not give me the date you left this Sighting. Could you please let me know in the comment section when this incident happened?


Truth Seeker said...

Wow..falling and hitting one's head can have catastrophic results. This Nanny needs to be canned ASAP.

mama said...

She's lucky the boy didn't get injured. What a poor excuse for a nanny, I wish there was a way to let his parent know what happened, I'm sure she'd be fired faster than she could make up any form of an excuse. Sightings like this literally make my stomach turn and my skin crawl.