UPDATE: Any Advice for a Pro?

opinion 2 Hi! I started my seven child nanny job on August sixth. As some of you will recall I had some nerves and reservations about accepting a position. So many asked for an update and I wanted to say thanks for the great advice as well.

I arrived to a clean room and seven smiling faces. The three youngest kiddos twenty eight month old twin boys and a four year old girl are my charges. The other four children age seven, nine, thirteen, and fifteen are as nice as can be. Many of you expressed reservations about truly caring for only the three children but so far that has been my experience. My days have started on time and ended on time or early. I think the mom is greatful to have me around which is a nice feeling. Apparently there was a childcare mother in law issue before and I get the impression things did not go so well

The boys and I love to be physically active jumping, playing ball, and hokey pokey while the daughter is all girl and very smart. I might have lucked out on this job but only time will tell. School starts Monday and both parents work in the local ISD so that will be the true test of timliness. My only concern is the discussion of an eighth! baby...but I think at that point mom would stay home full time. This is only a school time position so even if she did get pregnant the baby would arrive during summer. Thanks again for the advice.


Nannycaroline said...

I am so glad you like it, and that is only caring for the 3. I hope it stays as nice in the future.

MissMannah said...

I'm confused. If school hasn't started yet, where do the other 4 kids go all day? I understand the 15 and 13 year old probably don't need care, but what about the 7 and 9 year olds? Also, aren't you a live-in? (Might be wrong on that one) If this position is only during the school year, where are you going to go next June?

Otherwise, I'm glad to hear this has worked out for you. I was wondering if you were going to take it.

OP said...


You are correct the other two go to their MeMe's which is nxt door.
Since I know nw that come June I will need a new job I will have plenty of time to look when April and May come along.

The agreement was also that I could remain here in June and July while I did temp work and begin full time again in August 2012 ifall parties agree. Tjis is my main reason for concern about the new bsby but I doubt with 8 or 9 if twins agsin she could afford to stay home.

MissMannah said...

Holy cow, imagine if she did have twins again! Sorry for asking so many question, I'm so nosy sometimes. Just glad you got it all worked out. It is kind of weird that they're already talking about having another since you just started. You'd think they'd hold that off for awhile and let you at least get adjusted. Or maybe that's how they get nannies to adjust!

Phoenix said...

are all these kids born from the same parents? Why in hell would she want an 8th baby? do they not know what birth control is?

I am glad that you are happy with your new job. As you say time will tell if they are going to be good employers. If anything changes for the good or the better. Let is know. Thanks for the update!

Truth Seeker said...

I always appreciate it when people provide updates...thanks for yours OP.

I am glad I was wrong. I do hope this job works out for you. I do not wish any "Nanny Horror Story" on any other Nanny as I have had many of my own.

Things sound good thus far and I will keep my fingers crossed they continue that way. You sound like a fun Nanny and you deserve a great family to work for! ☺ ☻

Wow said...

Thanks for the update!

I don't understand why a couple would decide to have so many children and not care for them themselves.

Anyway, I hope things continue to well for you!

Teacher in a Combat Zone said...

Phoenix: some people want a large family. My husband brought two kids into our marriage and we've had three of our own and we're talking about having more. We both love kids and always wanted a large family.

This family may be super-religious and don't believe in birth control. Or maybe they just want a big family. It's not up to us to judge people's personal choices.

I always say that I'd rather see one family have a dozen kids and raise them right, love them and care for them, than see four or five smaller families produce more unproductive, useless members of society. In short, so long as they are taking care of their kids without the help of the government, it doesn't matter to me how many they have.

♥♥ Leslie ♥♥ said...

@Teacher in a Combat Zone:
I do not agree that people have the right to make choices that will negatively impact other citizens. Those that keep having children are negatively impacting everyone else. Have you ever heard of overpopulation? This is a common problem. Also, look at our terrible is getting worse by the day. People need to be responsible and think of others as well as themselves. Why do you think so many people have problems with the Duggards?

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Leslie, who would you propose control the size of families? In China, they used government force to keep people from having more than one child, and that...didn't work so well.

Since I am not all that enthusiastic about couples aborting female fetuses and therefore shifting the population balance to a dangerously high number of male babies as opposed to female babies, I would love to hear your thoughts on enforceable population control done in any way other than how it was done in China.

♥♥ Leslie ♥♥ said...

@Tales: I was not speaking in terms of "government population control" when I mentioned overpopulation. I just think each citizen needs to be responsible and not deliberately have multiple children considering how overpopulated our planet is and how bad our country's economy is right now. It is simply irresponsible, makes no sense and hurts innocent people. I do not believe government has to get involved...after all...who wants Uncle Sam in the bedroom??!

I think people should just make this decision on their own. The world would be a better place for all of us. ☺ ☺

Op said...

They came into the marriage with one child each. I was informed last night that they are going to start trying in September. SHE has only given birth to five children as one is her stepdaughter and one is adopted. I love babies though so as long as
I have a job I dont mind the addition.

Nunya said...

Hahaha, pretty soon you will be watching all 7 plus baby makes 8, cooking, and cleaning the entire house. I hope you are making $200K/year.