A Day in the Life of a Nanny Share

a day in the life
By Anonymous Nanny
I’m in a nanny share with two families, but the children are only a few weeks apart. One boy, and one girl, both turned three in Feb.

7:30 I arrive on time at little girls (LG’s) house, and help mom finish getting her ready. Mom usually sends breakfast with us (if LG hasn’t already eaten) and we head to little boys (LB’s) house.
8:00 arrive promptly at LBs house, and wake him up, and I take both kiddos to the bathroom.
8:15 I set up breakfast and we sit down together to eat, discussing our plans for the day.
8:40 The littles put their dishes in the sink and throw any trash away, and I clean my breakfast and wipe the table (and usually their hands and face.)
8:45 I help get LB dressed for the day while LG reads books. (one of her favorite activities!)
8:55 We discuss how both littles have “puppy doggies” on their shirts, and we head to the livingroom to play.
9:30 after 30 minutes or so of free play, we head to the kitchen table for art. We make puppy ears (a brown strip of paper with two puppy ear shaped pieces of paper stapled to each side, and decorated any way you wish) and talk about dog barking as well as what dog food would taste like. (their idea, not mine!)
10 After art is finished and cleaned up ( I pack a small snack, just in case) we put on our shoes and socks and pile into the car.
10:20 We arrive at their favorite park, and they both run frantically (with puppy ears still on their heads) towards the hill towards the back of the park. Once we reach the top, they begin running/ rolling/ scooting down the hill in fits of glee.
10:45 after nearly 30 minutes of the hill, we eat a small snack then decide to play on the playground equipment and I push LG in the swing (her favorite) while LB goes from the swings to the sand box to the slide, and back again.
11:10 five minute warning given for us to leave.
11:13 two minute warning given.
11:15 time to go, and neither one makes a fuss as we head to the car (they know that if they throw a fit, we will not return.) We pile back into the car and listen to the “choo choo boogie” song on a loop, all the way home.
11:30 we arrive home, and they immediately take off their shoes and ask for some music. We take a quick potty break first, then I put on a CD and give them scarves so they can dance while I prepare lunch.
11:45 Lunch is ready, and we wash up before sitting down to the table to eat. (I usually eat the same thing as them. Both parents want me to help encourage proper eating habits and table manners, and I’ve found the best way to do that is to eat with them.)
12:15 Lunch is eaten so we clean up the kitchen.
12:20 We take another potty break before we head to LBs room and pull out LGs nap mat and blankets, and I tuck both of them in. I shut off the light, remind them to keep their voices quiet so their friend can sleep, and crack the door.
12:30 I turn on the baby monitor, and clean any dishes in the sink. (usually they are just the ones we use from breakfast or lunch, but occasionally I will clean MB or DB’s items)
12:50 I tidy up anything else in the kitchen that may need it, pick up any stray toys from the livingroom, set up the afternoon art project, and prepare story/music time. (we call it circle time, even though it’s not usually the shape of a circle…)
1:20 I sit down to relax until the kiddos wake up, and make a lesson plan for the following week when we will be talking about “things that go.”
2:20 LB wakes up, and quietly passes LG to come find me in the livingroom. We share some rare time together alone before LG wakes.
2:35 LG is up and we take a few minutes to take another potty break.
2:45 It’s circle time and we read two books about dogs (go dog, go and That isn’t my doggy). We discuss the differences between humans and dogs (ie a tail, four legs, etc.) We sing a few songs as well.
3:05 We go back to the kitchen table, and we start our next art project- doggy tails. (cut out tail shapes from brown construction paper, decorate, and hole punch a hole, and string some yarn through it.)
3:25 After tying on the doggy tails, LG begins to panic that we have left the doggy ears at the park. LB reminds her that they were actually left in the car, so we head back to the garage to retrieve them. After putting on the ears, both insist that I take pictures, so I do, and send the photos to their parents.
3:30 we eat a quick snack.
3:50 We decide it’s a nice day, so we head to the backyard to play for a bit. (there’s a swing set, a sand box, a water table, a trike, scooter, and four wheeler to play with.)
4:10 we come back inside for another potty break, and decide it’s getting too warm to return outside.
4:20 we go to the kitchen and grab some juice to rehydrate when MB for LG comes in a few minutes early to collect her kiddo. I relay details of our day (with input from both littles), give hugs and kisses, and LB and I tell them goodbye as they leave.
4:30 LB and I discuss what to do now, and we settle on playing with the trains until his mom arrives.
4:50 MB for LB arrives 10 minutes early, and LB runs to greet her with stories of his day. MB is in a wonderful mood, and after sharing a more detailed account of what we did that day, we chat for a bit about this and that.
5:20 After kisses and hugs for LB and a reassurance that I will return tomorrow, I leave, making a note to switch my ipod playlist from Childrens music to favorites.


Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

When my children were younger, they loved that book you mentioned, "Go Dog Go!!" and many of the children I care for now twenty years later love this book as well. It really is a cute book. I like how you seemed to have a theme for the day. Was it doggies that day? Or do they just like doggies a lot? Anyway, you sound like a wonderful Nanny to me and both sets of families are truly blessed to have someone like you in their children's lives.

Wow said...

I love this post. It sounds so sweet to me. Were you a preschool teacher before? The flow of the day and lesson plans give you away.

The mom of the first child I nannied called circle time "line time" because it was just the two of us (the child and me)

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I admire nannies like you who do themes and such! Sounds like you and the 2 sets of parents have a good rapport, which is so important in a nanny share!

OP said...

I am a former preschool teacher. I taught a three year old class for a few years before switching to nannying. (it was more flexible with my part-time college schedule.) I do have a theme for every week (with activities and field trips planned around the theme) and this week happened to be dogs. They Seemed to love it! LB has a dog at his house which made it more of a tangible concept I'd imagine. I am very lucky to have two families that are very respectful and get along wonderfully. We have rules that both families stick by regarding vacationing and child sick days, and both families are pretty much the same on the business end of it too. (I get the same amount of vacation time/sick days from both families, etc.) We haven't really had any issues as a nanny share except around the holidays when both families try their hardest to be fair and spend the same on me. I suppose they are afraid that the other family might one-up their gift? I'm fine with cards and hugs from the kiddos myself, but it's also nice that they appreciate me enough for wonderful (and usually personalized) gifts. Three years in and my only real complaint is that they will eventually be to old for me to take care of! =)